UA Update

Senate met on Monday, November 2. Steve Baker 84, Association of Independent Living Groups (AILG) Board Member, discussed the current work of the AILG as a Senate guest before the regular proceedings. The AILG is currently working to improve their communications with current undergraduates and shift the focus of living groups from their houses to their chapters or organizations, their accreditation process, and their insurance program.

Senate passed 41 U.A.S. 4.3: Resolution for Student Engagement within the Student Life Visiting Committee. This piece of legislation asks for an open forum with the Student Life Visiting Committee for any interested undergraduate during their evaluation of the Division of Student Life next week.

As the end of term approaches, please check your syllabi to make sure your professors aren't assigning work inappropriately, such as holding tests after December 4th. The earlier you report the problem, the more likely the UA Student Committee on Educational Policy (SCEP) will be able to resolve it in an effective manner! Additional information regarding what constitutes an academic violation is available at http://violations.mit.edu. Any violations of academic regulations can be reported anonymously to the SCEP at http://violations.mit.edu, and questions should be sent to violations@mit.edu.

UA Student-Faculty Dinners are back! The longevity of these dinners has now been assured, thanks to the UA securing new funding directly from the Student Life Fee. Groups of three to five students can invite a professor to dinner and will be reimbursed up to $20 per person. More information and registration is available at http://ua.mit.edu/dinners.

—Elizabeth A. Denys, UA Secretary General