MIThenge is Fast Approaching Predictions for 2009–2010

MIThenge is Fast Approaching

MIThenge is a twice-annual moment when the stars align — or at least the sun does — with the Infinite Corridor.

It is imperative that you observe the MIThenge etiquette:

View from the Building 8 end. There’s not much to see from the west end of Bldg. 7.

Use the 3rd floor. It has the best view.

¶ Stand in the stairwell. It has the largest unobstructed view.

Let others see. Everyone can not see MIThenge at the same time. Please be courteous and move out of the way so others can see once you have gotten a look.

Arrive 15 minutes in advance. Predictions of the occurrence are not always precise.

MIThenge occurs twice a year, typically for three consecutive days in November and again in January. Calculated by Ken Olum PhD ’97, the predictions are quite variable, in part due to atmospheric variation.

Predictions for 2009–2010

Theoretically the best viewing should be at an altitude of about 30' (30 minutes of arc), but the recently predicted altitudes of 0' have been best, an MIThenge expert told The Tech.

—John A. Hawkinson

Date Time Altitude
Nov. 11 4:19:09 p.m. 46'
Nov. 12 4:20:25 p.m. 27'
Nov. 13 4:21:40 p.m. 8'
Jan. 27 4:50:41 p.m. -1'
Jan. 28 4:49:45 p.m. 17'
Jan. 29 4:48:48 p.m. 36'
Jan. 30 4:47:49 p.m. 57'