Cheung Elected, Stohlman Trails

Cheung Elected, Stohlman Trails

Leland Cheung G has secured a position on Cambridge’s City Council in Tuesday’s election, according to unofficial results released Thursday evening. Tabulation of votes was complicated by the high number of auxiliary, or write-in, ballots, of which there were 3,590.

Tom Stohlman ’76 did not win a seat on the council.

Turnout was up by 17 percent this year, to approximately 16,000, according to Cambridge elections expert Robert Winters, who maintains the Cambridge Civic Journal at, an excellent resource for elections and general Cambridge politics.

Incumbent Marjorie C. Decker, who was re-elected this year, ran a write-in campaign because a failure to file paperwork led to her absence from the printed ballots. Decker’s campaign was responsible for the unusually large number of write-in ballots.

Cambridge’s proportional representation system allows voters to rank candidates, voting a #1 vote for one candidate, a #2 vote for another, etc. Excess votes beyond the quota of 1595 votes are distributed to the #2 candidate, etc., etc.

Incumbent Candidates Henrietta Davis, E. Denise Simmons and Timothy J. Timothy, Jr. were elected in the first round; they had 1856, 1783, and 1746 #1 votes each, respectively.

Decker, the write-in candidate; Cheung,;and Sam Seidel were all elected in the seventh round. They had 1285, 754, and 900 #1 votes, respectively.

Stohlman was defeated in the 4th round; he had 378 #1 votes.

Full details of the election are available at

­—John A. Hawkinson