Letter From The Editor

The topic of sex is important in any discussion about the health of a campus. It is also one that is not often openly discussed.

There is a lot we think we know about the sex lives of MIT students. Some think there is not much of it, because students are “nerdy” or “shy” and MIT’s coursework is too time: consuming. Others think of MIT as a bastion of kink in a sea of “vanilla” Boston: area schools.

But what is the truth? What is the norm at MIT?

The Tech conducted a campus-wide sex survey; forty percent of undergraduates responded. The results attempt to measure the sexual activity and health of the undergraduate population.

There is also a dark side to sex: sexual assault. The section includes an article on sexual assault at MIT, including an account of one student who was raped. We outline sexual violence resources available to students.

We interviewed Kate McCarthy, MIT’s program manager for sexual health and author of the blog, “Sexpertise.”

Additionally, Tech columnists have written a variety of sex: related material, including an anonymous writer’s thoughts on first: time anal sex, sex toy and lube reviews, a review of the popular pornographic movie Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge, and a review of a local stand: up comedian who delivers his act in the buff.

Finally, there is content from the readership. The Tech asked for anonymous stories of how readers lost their virginity. Also, reporters interviewed several students in Lobby 7 to get their thoughts on sex at MIT.

On behalf of The Tech and all of this section’s contributors, I hope you enjoy the content in this special section and learn more about sex at MIT.

David M. Templeton ’08

Editor, Sex Section

Photography Editor, The Tech

Inside the Sex@MIT Special Section

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• Pirates II review:

• Review of Naked Comedy:

• My First Time:

• Sexual Assault:

• Results of the Sex Survey:

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