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Peak Color

Peak Color

The end of October is usually when the Boston area sees the peak autumn colors, and this year is no different. Aided by the recent chilly nights, the transition to the colorful landscape that New England is so famous for has accelerated in recent days. It appears that peak color in the urban areas is approaching, and these next 7–10 days will likely feature the best combination of color and minimal leaf drop. If you have a chance, be sure to enjoy the colors before they fade. Popular spots that are a short distance from campus include the Arnold Arboretum, Middlesex Fells, and Blue Hills.

Of course, it helps tremendously for viewing the colors if the weather stays as nice as it was yesterday. While we will avoid the extreme variability of snowflakes to sudden warmth and powerful winds that bracketed last week, there will be a storm lurking nearby tomorrow. It’s a fast mover and most of the rain should stay to the south, but there will likely be nuisance showers beginning in the morning and becoming more numerous during the afternoon and evening. The remainder of the week looks mostly sunny with temperatures near normal before a potentially more potent storm moves in for the first part of the weekend.

Extended Forecast

Tonight: Increasing clouds. Light NE winds. Low 48 F (9°C).

Tomorrow: Cloudy with showers, most likely in the afternoon. NE winds 10–20 mph. High 53 F (12°C).

Thursday: Partly cloudy. High 54 F (12°C).

Friday: Sunny. High 61 F (16°C).