A May 4, 1999 article about notable MIT alumni incorrectly said that Eastman Kodak Company founder George Eastman was an MIT alumnus. Although a George L. Eastman graduated from MIT in 1870, he is not the same as the George Eastman who founded Eastman Kodak. The Eastman who founded Kodak is of course the same one who contributed over $20 million in cash and stock to MIT in the first two decades of the 20th century; his gifts, mostly made in the name of “Mr. Smith,” helped MIT build its Cambridge campus. He did not attend college. A reader recently pointed out this error.

Friday’s photo with the caption “Acoustic guitarist and songwriter JamesLevi ‘Levi’ M. Schmidt ’10 opened the new concert series ‘Live! @ the Coffeehouse’ on Oct. 16.” was incorrectly labeled. The subject of the photo is Alejandro F. Arambula ’12, and he a guitarist in the Guitar Knives.

The photo of varsity rifle on page 9 of Friday’s issue was incorrectly attributed to Aaron Sampson ’10. The correct photographer is Aaron Thom ’11.

Mahatma Gandhi’s name was misspelled at the end of Justin Cannon’s opinion piece on the Nobel Peace Prize. It is spelled “Gandhi,” not “Ghandi.”