Letters to the Editor

Questions Remain About Obama’s Certificates

It seems everyone is excited for President Obama’s visit to MIT today. Or should I call him Barack Hussein Obama, de facto President?

My question is: has anyone seen Obama’s original, IS&T-issued Personal Certificates? I can show you my own certificates: they expire July 31, 2010. Yet Barack Obama has consistently refused to address this issue, claiming that “the media” has seen him log in to an Athena workstation during the campaign, and that he hasn’t bothered with certificates since installing a new version of Firefox.

Why are the media, and Pres. Hockfield, ignoring this question?!? MIT’s Charter is very clear: only naturally-registered persons are given superuser privileges at the Institute. And yet Barack Obama will waltz in here Friday and practically run “su root” from the command line.

I think the question this raises is, whose Kerberos password is he really using?

The Silence of 30 Million Missing Chinese Women

President Obama’s visit to MIT is a great honor, especially after his Nobel Peace Prize award. However, there are many mixed feelings about his visit when one considers the word “peace.”

Obama recently decided to resume funding to the UNFPA (the United Nations Population Fund), which provides funds for abortions outside of the U.S., including those in China to support its One-Child policy. The UNFPA funding had been stopped during the Bush and Reagan administrations.

The impact of such pro-abortion policies became known in April 2009, after the British Journal of Medicine published the results of recent research on the sex ratio in China. Its findings are disturbing. For example, we learn that today in China, 120 boys are born for every 100 girls — a considerably higher sex ratio than in other countries (around 105). We also learn that this sex ratio skyrockets to 200 in some provinces. And most of all, we learn that today 30 million Chinese girls are missing as a result of selective abortions.

This “leaning” of the population pyramid can only be found in wars and mass murder. The silence of these missing Chinese women is tangible evidence that abortion is not about a fetus, but is a war on the unborn.

We understand that when President Obama restored funding to the UNFPA this research was not yet published. But it would be interesting if he could tell the MIT community if he is willing to reconsider his decision now that he is aware of these findings.

MIT Pro-Life