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The True Windy City

The True Windy City

Chicago is frequently termed the “windy city,” but the honor, according to the National Climatic Data Center, belongs to the nearby Blue Hill Observatory in Milton, MA which has an average wind speed of 15.4 mph (24.8 kph). Boston is considered to be the windiest major metropolitan area with an average wind speed of 12.5 mph (20.1 kph) while Chicago is much further down the list at 10.4 mph (16.7 kph).

Certainly days like this past Wednesday help to bolster Boston’s honor as one the windiest places in the U.S. The wind gusted to 56 mph (90 kph) on top of the Green Building during the mid-afternoon. At the same time, the National Weather Service reported boats capsizing in the Charles River along with numerous branches and wires down on streets and cars throughout the state causing a few minor injuries.

Without much respite, another storm will approach the area tomorrow. While heavy rain will inundate the Midwest, we will see light showers beginning in the early afternoon along with another bout of breezy conditions Saturday morning as the storm departs. The remainder of the weekend looks quite nice, but get ready — the long-range forecast indicates a potent cold surge targeting us next week.

Extended Forecast

Tonight: Showers. Breezy W winds 15–20 mph. Low 55°F (13°C).

Tomorrow: Clouds decreasing in the morning, then sunny in the afternoon. Breezy NW winds 15–20 mph. High 64°F (18°C).

Sunday: Sunny. SW winds 5–15 mph. High 65°F (18°C).

Monday: Sunny and colder. NW winds 5–15 mph. High 57°F (14°C).