An article on Friday, Sept. 4 about MIT professors working in Washington provided incorrect information about Professor Deborah J. Lucas and her work, and omitted a word from a quotation. Lucas is a full tenured professor of finance at MIT in Sloan School of Management, she is not a visiting professor. Lucas’s work at the Congressional Budget Office does not involve providing budget estimates, but rather refining the methodologies used to produce those estimates. Lucas said she had noted in 2001 insufficient attention to “federal financial obligations,” not to “federal obligations.”

Because of incorrect information supplied to The Tech by Cambridge Fire Department Public Information Office Deputy Chief James F. Burns, a front-page “In Short” item on Tuesday incorrectly stated that the investigation into the Sept. 8 trash chute fire at East Campus was closed. Lieutenant David J. Pierce of the CFD’s Fire Investigations Unit states that the investigation is “still ongoing” and that the CFD does not comment on ongoing investigations.

An article Tuesday regarding MIT’s dismissal of Lynn Roberson gave the wrong year for Dean for Student Life Chris Colombo’s arrival at MIT. Colombo was appointed Dean for Student Life effective Aug. 18, 2008, not Aug. 18, 2009.