Lynn Roberson’s Involvement

Lynn Roberson’s Involvement

¶ Co-sponsor of: Froshwomen’s Biweekly Lunch, Conversation and Support series; Graduate Women’s Group lunches and discussions; sexual assault awareness, street safety/self defense, “Help, Healing and Hope for survivors and friends.”

¶ Assisted with: health and self care including relaxation, healthy eating, balancing personal and academic life.

¶ Supported women students groups, student initiatives & programs (eg. Mujeres Latinas’ 1995 East Coast Latina Conference, BWA retreats, African women students’ dinner and discussion; SWE Froshwomen mentoring initiative; Vagina Monologues; KEYES program).

¶ Has initiated and helped students to establish women’s groups for mutual support, networking, resource sharing, and empowering programs and connections in their fields.

Source: Elena Glassman G, SPRing 2008 letter campaign COORDINATOR