Residence EXploration 2009

September 1, 2009


00:00—Simmons Hall—Midnight Ball Pit Wars - Admit it, it’s the first thing you thought of when you heard that Simmons has its own McD’s-style ball pit. Build forts and stockpile weapons as you conquer enemy territory, or just toss balls at your friends to distract them from empire-building.


01:00—Burton Conner—Midnight Capture the Flag -- Glow sticks included. [turf]


03:17—Random Hall—RHOP: Random House of Pancakes: I’m a delicious warm pancake smothered in maple syrup. Bite me.


08:00—Next House—Yes, even more breakfast is on the way! Be sure to get your tummy’s worth on the last day of REX.

08:00—Ashdown House—Breakfast: Come hang out with the Phoenix Group and enjoy some breakfast while you’re at it!


09:00—Baker House—Breakfast at Baker: Re-energize yourself with a great breakfast at Baker House, and prepare yourself for another day of orientation. (Baker House Dining Hall)


10:00—Next House—Release the kid in you, through flying kites and blowing bubbles of all shapes and sizes. Come relax and have some fun in the sun!

10:00—Das Deutsche Haus—DH Tours and snacks

10:00—Burton Conner—Breakfast -- You gotta eat! [tv lounge]

10:00—New House—Morning Fiesta/Siesta (10 AM – 12 PM): New House is a very diverse community, and with that comes the advantage and ability to have fiestas (and siestas) whenever we want to. Join us for this one- nachos, salsa, and piñatas all around!

10:00—Ashdown House—Dorm Tours: A tour guide will be waiting for you at the Student Center (with a big sign that says NW35) to take you to NW35, the newest dorm.

10:17—Random Hall—Make your own donuts: Who needs Dunkin’ Donuts anyway? Come to Random Hall and make your own custom fried models of our dorm! (No plastic spatulas allowed.)


11:00—Simmons Hall—Baking and Chick Flicks - Spend some time in Simmons’ country kitchen with Sarah and Christina. Then sit down and enjoy with a girly movie in the Night Cafe.

11:17—Random Hall—Sock-Puppet Literary Classics: What happens when you take sock puppets, literary classics, and a fifteen minute time cap? Hilarity. Come witness your (least?) favorite characters from high school English subjected to our whims.


12:00—Senior Haus—BACON BACON BACON BACON BACON @ Senior Haus 1st Floor Kitchen. BACON? BACON, BACON BACON! BACON. (BACON BACON.) Also: coffee. Again. Again. Again.

12:17—Random Hall—On the construction of dumplings: For ages, engineers have puzzled over the construction of dumplings. What is the ideall ratio of filling to skin? What is the proper catamorphism that will result in maximum structural integrity? Come make dumplings. Then eat them.


13:00—Das Deutsche Haus—A German Movie, because everyone knows how to speak German (English subtitles included).

13:00—New House—Origami (1-2 PM): Whether you’re a longtime fan of the art or just a newcomer, join us in the New House 5 lounge for an hour of origami, the Japanese art of paper-folding.

13:00—New House—Your favorite event from Saturday is back! Too many events going on all at once got you stressed out? Come relax and watch some TV with New House 2. Choose from a selection of shows including The Boondocks, House, The Office, True blood, Arrested Development and The Wire.

13:17—Random Hall—Scavenger Hunt: Bring a camera, team up, explore MIT, and embark on a journey to discover your True Self while collecting random junk along the way. Prizes for the winning team included!

13:47—Random Hall—Awesome Anime Music Videos: AMVs, much like the internet, are 95% dross and 5% awesome. We’ve got that 5% triple distilled into its purest form. Come enjoy.


14:00—Ashdown House—Dorm Tours: A tour guide will be waiting for you at the Student Center (with a big sign that says NW35) to take you to NW35, the newest dorm.

14:00—Burton Conner—Sports and Summer Fun -- You’re never too old for pick-me-up sports and a slip-n-slide on a hot summer day! [burton-side bbq pits]

14:00—Senior Haus—LEARN TO TIRE SWING @ Senior Haus Courtyard. Our experts will show you how it’s done. Don’t worry, no one dies.

14:17—Random Hall—Cookies and Smut: Listen to the finest Viking romance novels and eat delicious warm chocolate chip cookies. Feel the horriblehorriblehorrible sensation of rivulets of chocolate dripping down your throat and learn about Odin’s magnificent sword!

14:47—Random Hall—How to Conquer the World and Rule it Thereafter: Q.E.D.


15:00—Baker House— Tours of Baker: Another chance to check out Baker House before REX is over. Tour groups leave every 30 minutes on the hour and half hour. There will be snacks in the lobby, so drop by, grab a bite to eat, and chat with some upperclassmen about life at MIT.(Baker House Lobby)

15:17—Random Hall—Wikiraces: Quick! How many moves does it take to get from Vampire Watermelons to Godwin’s Law?

15:47—Random Hall—Pretentious Music Wanking: Side effects may include life-changing spiritual experiences. Bach action figure included.



16:00—La Casa—Carne Asada cookout. Come enjoy a mexican style bbq with tortillas, rice and beans.

16:17—Random Hall—Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream: Don’t try this at Harvard.


17:00—New House—Rock Band! (5-7 PM): One of the first things you’ll learn here at MIT is that “Rock Band + Free Food = Awesome”. Come enjoy the awesome at New House 5, and play ‘til your fingers bleed!


18:30—Dormitory Council—Housing Lottery Closes - Make sure you fill out your form before the lottery closes!


20:00—New House—New House 5 Poker Night (8-10 PM): Join us in the New House 5 lounge for a friendly game of Texas Hold ‘Em. No money necessary! Chips (of both the poker and nacho variety) and salsa will be provided.


21:00—New House—Breakfast, College-Style (9-10 AM): Come to New House 5 to enjoy our wide selection of cold cereals. Fill up a bowl with your childhood favorite, create a bold new blend of fruity and chocolaty, or just hang out in our lounge and argue over which mascot is the best.


22:00—New House—Desmond Movie Night 5/5 (10 PM): Our REX movie series concludes with “Goodfellas”. Come watch it with us in the New House 5 lounge!

22:30—Baker House—Ice Cream Party: Just getting out of the event at the Student Center and going back to your dorm? Grab some ice cream at Baker House before you head back.( Baker House Dining Hall)

September 2, 2009


09:00—Baker House—Grab breakfast at Baker House before you head out into the final day of REX. (Baker House Dining Hall)

09:30—Burton Conner—Breakfast -- Low blood sugar? Come to BC and we’ll fix it. [tv lounge]


13:00—New House—House of Cards contest (1-2 PM): Put your engineering skills to the test! You have one hour and one deck of cards to out-build your peers. We promise it will be even more fun than a Course 2 p-set! Meet in the lounge in New House 5.


14:00—New House—Build a Playing-Card Launcher (2 PM - ?): Have you ever wanted to be a card-throwing ninja? Do you dream of becoming a top-class engineer? Then come design your own playing-card launcher in the New House 5 lounge!

14:00—McCormick Hall—Tie Dye Fun. Let loose the Hippie within and have some psychedelic fun with tie dye.


18:30—Dormitory Council—Results of the Adjustment Lottery Available - Check to find out your housing assignment. ALL moves into permanent assignments will take place on Thursday, September 3rd.

September 3, 2009


09:00—Dormitory Council—Residence Hall Assignment Check Out and Check In - If you’re moving out of your dorm you MUST check out of your old room and into your new room. Vans and transportation will be provided to help you move. More information will be available to you via email the night before.


17:30—Dormitory Council—House Meeting and Dorm Welcome - If you moved dorms in the lottery, it’s time to get settled. Meet your Housemasters, GRTs and fellow residents. Be prepared for an entertaining evening. The MIT experience is largely about who you live with!