Six Masked Westgate Intruders Flee From Police, Still Unknown

Six masked men fled the Westgate Lowrise dormitory and escaped the MIT Police after a brief car chase on Monday, May 11.

No one has been charged or arrested, but there are suspects, said Sergeant Craig A. Martin of the MIT Police.

According to an MIT Police crime bulletin, a witness spotted the suspects and called the police around 9:45 p.m. Most of them had covered their faces with bandannas, but one of the men had not pulled up his bandanna. He was described by the witness as a male, heavyset Asian with short-cropped hair.

The MIT Police, who are stationed right next to Westgate, responded to the report. The masked men fled in a white Mitsubishi, followed by an MIT officer, the bulletin said.

The MIT Police chased the suspects’ vehicle down Memorial Drive and “several other streets” until it hit a parked car; the suspects then fled on foot. In spite of an extensive area search, where the MIT Police was assisted by both the State Police and the Boston Police, none of the suspects were found.

Suspects were able to enter the dormitory because one of the residents was expecting guests and opened the door without asking questions, the bulletin said.

The MIT Police suggest verifying the identity of guests before buzzing them in and making use of the peep holes before opening doors.

Martin declined to comment on details of the ongoing investigation.