UA Finance Board, ARCADE, LEF Allocate Funds

The Undergraduate Association Finance Board released its allocations for the Summer/Fall 2009 period on May 19.

Over $20,000, plus any leftover money from the IAP/Spring 2009 funding period, is still available for allocation following appeals in September. The remaining money from IAP/Spring 2009 is unknown because reimbursements for the spring are still being processed. (See right for table of Finboard allocations.)

This total is a higher amount of unallocated funds than in previous years, according to Finboard Chair Danielle J. Wang ’11, because Finboard was stricter this year regarding adherence to its standards for funding. They looked for more details and stronger defenses of event budgets.

Finboard implemented a few new policies this funding period; notably, due to feedback from students, student groups are no longer required to meet with Board members to discuss their proposals. That means that student groups would need to reach out to Finboard to explain any details of their funding requests, and they could no longer expect to have a Finboard member who was particularly familiar with their group and its request.

The ASA released its July–September allocations for the Large Event Fund (LEF) and Assisting Recurring Cultural and Diversity Events (ARCADE) on May 25 (see tables on page 15).

According to ASA Treasurer Keone Hon ’11 (a former Tech writer) the ASA expected to distribute $15,000 to both LEF and ARCADE for this funding period, leaving over $3,000 available in each fund. This is higher compared to last year’s LEF and ARCADE allocations for the same period, $7,000 and $5,800 respectively.