A “Stay Tuned…” feature which ran on the front page of the May 8 issue of The Tech incorrectly claimed that the Alpha Tau Omega chapter at MIT had lost its charter from the national fraternity. The article based the claim on minutes from a Cambridge License Commission meeting in January, which state that the chapter “lost their Parent Charter.” According to Wynn Smiley, chief executive officer of the national ATO organization, the chapter is in good standing with the national fraternity. See article, page 1.

An explanation of weather mythology from May 1 conveyed a misleading impression about the weather radar atop building 54 by describing it as a “shell,” suggesting essential components of the radar were missing, and stating the equipment had been transferred to Lincoln Laboratory. The large white radome atop building 54 does indeed house a weather radar dish, and its transmitter is located on the 19th floor beneath; the physical equipment is still present and has not been removed to Lincoln Laboratory.