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A Spring Sampler

A Spring Sampler

This weekend’s weather will feature a sampling of typical spring conditions for New England. Sunny skies will be prevalent at times, but will be interspersed with clouds and rain. The average high temperature for this time of the year in Boston is around 65 degrees, and temperatures will range near this figure for most of the weekend. The Boston area will get a taste of partly sunny spring days today and tomorrow, but a thunderstorm or two are likely to make their way across the region this afternoon. Finally, a cold front will reach the area toward the end of the weekend, bringing with cooler temperatures, cloudy skies, and a even a few showers. Hence, our campus will experience warm, sunny weather, thunder and lightning, and a few spring showers over the course of a single weekend.

Before clouds move in on Sunday and Monday, the temperature will likely warm up to the mid 70s on Saturday afternoon. While it will be warmer than average, the record high of 95 degrees will be safely out of reach. In fact, it will likely be a while before the next summer-like heat wave like the one that struck earlier this year at the end of April. During that time, offshore winds drove the temperature to record highs of 83 and 87 degrees on April 25 and 26, respectively. There won’t be any scorchers for now, however, as the weather will remain very springlike.

Extended Forecast

Tonight: Partly cloudy, Low 56 F (13 C)

Tomorrow: Partly cloudy with rain possible overnight, High 75 F (24 C)

Sunday: Mostly cloudy, Highs in the upper 60s F (20 C)

Monday: Mostly cloudy, highs around 60 F (16 C)