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There Is No Weather Machine!

There Is No Weather Machine!

Ever since the gorgeous weather during CPW, I have been receiving more “Nice job with the Weather Machine” comments than ever. As one of the few undergrad meteorologists, I usually just laugh it off. But recently, the rate at which I’ve been asked “Why did you make it rain all week?” has begun to annoy me. Let me set the score straight: the weather machine is a myth.

“Conspiracy!” you might yell. “What is that giant white golf ball on the roof of the Green Building if it is not a Weather Machine?” That giant sphere is the shell of an old operational radar. The equipment inside was transferred to the Lincoln Laboratory in the late nineties, but it was active, it was something to behold. In 1953, this radar caught evidence of the destructive Worcester tornado that killed 94 and caused $62 million in damage. The shell of that radar is not a weather machine. You’re skeptical, I can tell. Well, do you honestly believe that a handful of ambitious meteorology students have the desire to control Cambridge’s chaotic weather? Shouldn’t we be solving global warming first?

Extended Forecast

Tonight: Breezy, with a chance for showers remains into the evening. Low near 54˚F (12˚C).

Saturday: Mostly cloudy with a chance for rain showers remaining. High near 64˚F (18˚C)

Saturday night: Overcast, with a slight chance for showers early on. Low in the upper 40s°F.

Sunday: Mostly cloudy, with a chance of rain. Honestly, if we had a weather machine, why would we make campus grey and drizzly all weekend long? We wouldn’t do that to the campus, even if it would provide better results for my 12.307 project…