2.007 Prof Gets Big Screw

2.007 Prof Gets Big Screw

Prof. Daniel D. Frey PhD ’97 received the Institute Screw on Wednesday afternoon, with $1128.51 in proceeds from the fundraiser going towards the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation.

The “Big Screw” competition, run by Alpha Phi Omega (APO), encourages students to vote for the professor who has most screwed over students. Students vote with money, so the professor who receives the largest sum of votes wins. This year’s Big Screw raised substantially less than last year’s $1500 or 2007’s $2900.

Frey, who lectures 2.007, said, “Screwing over students to this degree is really a team effort. I have to give credit to all the other section instructors, admin staff, and machinists. They deserve this too, don’t you think?”

And yet, Frey acknowledged his own “devious” tactics like placing a Big Screw donation jar adjacent to the turn-in location for what Frey described as a “tricky” test.

Supporters of Frey narrowly beat out those of Professor David W. Miller, $210 to $198. Third place went to Chancellor Phillip L. Clay PhD ’75, with $181. Miller and Clay received small jars of screws as consolation prizes.

Clay was in the lead going into the home stretch on Thursday, but Frey and Miller came from behind and outpaced him on the last day. It was a close contest, though, with less than $10 separating Miller and Frey. Contestants were prohibited from voting for themselves on Friday.

Frey announced that the four-foot-long aluminum flat-head screw would hang in the 2.007 lab; it was there last night.

—John A. Hawkinson