Institute Wisdom Watch

The Prefrosh descend on Campus: Yay! More students to indoctrinate. Erm, we mean “welcome.” — thumbs up

The Weather Machine returns: 70 degrees and sunny! Just remember to tell the prefrosh that it’s like this all year long. — thumbs up

The Beavernappers Strike! … and then quickly capitulate. Tim the Beaver is returned to DAPER in a duffel bag on Tuesday night. — thumbs down

New restrictions imposed on Steer Roast: The party should be really awesome ­­— for the 5% of campus that will be let through the door. — thumbs down

Budget Cuts strike at the heart of Institute: Staff laid off, Libraries close, Varsity athletics teams cut, and W1 lies empty. What’s next — students sleeping on cots in the Infinite? — thumbs down

Faculty moves to eliminate HASS-D requirement: Changes will make the unnecessarily complicated process marginally more comprehensible.
— thumbs up

Yet another flavor of 8.02 introduced: A few more and we can set up a (liquid nitrogen) ice cream parlor. — neutral

IS&T logs TCP/IP Connections: Infringing on our privacy in the name of “network security”? Thanks, we feel safer already. — thumbs down