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Record Floods in North Dakota

Record Floods in North Dakota

If you thought yesterday’s rain was miserable, just imagine what residents along the Red River of the North in North Dakota and Minnesota are going through! Frozen, saturated ground with melting snow and the rain from a few storms spelled a worsening disaster. There were massive sand-bagging efforts by residents to keep the river’s waters in its banks. The recent flood crest of 40 ft. in Fargo (March 28) has since started to decline; the water level is now at 33 ft., which is still considered a flood. But those upstream of us in Canada are not safe yet. The Red River is expected to crest for them sometime between April 8 and 17. They are also still dealing with ice jams blocking and clogging the river.

Thankfully, here in Boston, the conditions will be comparatively dry. There is a chance of rain today associated with a thunderstorm off the coast, but it will likely be mostly dry and cloudy. On Wednesday, a low will pass to the north of us into Quebec, pulling the remaining possibility for near-term precipitation with it. Expect cloudy skies to keep temperatures a little cooler than normal. We should see some sun on Thursday, but it probably won’t stick around long, as another low system is expected to move through New England sometime near the end of this week.

Extended Forecast

Tonight: Cloudy with a moderate wet wind. Low near 34°F (1°C).

Wednesday: Slight possibility for rain, mostly cloudy with a high near 53°F (12°C).

Wednesday night: Partly cloudy, but clearing with a low in the low 30s°F (0°C).

Thursday: Here comes the sun! Expect a high in the mid 50s°F (13°C).