Michigan St., Connecticut, Villanova, North Carolina Make Up NCAA Final Four

After a week and a half of March Madness, the regional champions have been decided. The 2009 NCAA Final Four consists of Michigan State, Connecticut, Villanova, and North Carolina – here’s a summary of how they got here.

Michigan State (No. 2 seed, Midwest Region):

•def. No. 15 Robert Morris, 77-62

•def. No. 10 USC, 74-69

•def. No. 3 Kansas, 67-62

•def. No. 1 Louisville, 64-52

Connecticut (No. 1 seed, West Region):

•def. No. 16 Chattanooga, 103-47

•def. No. 9 Texas A&M, 92-66

•def. No. 5 Purdue, 72-60

•def. No. 3 Missouri, 82-75

Villanova (No. 3 seed, East Region):

•def. No. 14 American, 80-67

•def. No. 6 UCLA, 89-69

•def. No. 2 Duke, 77-54

•def. No.1 Pittsburgh, 78-76

North Carolina (No. 1 seed, South Region):

•def. No. 16 Radford, 101-58

•def. No. 8 LSU, 84-70

•def. No. 4 Gonzaga, 98-77

•def. No. 2 Oklahoma, 72-60

Michigan State will play Connecticut, and Villanova will take on North Carolina in the National Semifinals on April 4th. The winners of those two games will face each other in the National Championship on April 6th in Detroit.