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Just When You Thought Winter Was Over…

Just When You Thought Winter Was Over…

The classic nor’easter swept through New England Monday morning, dumping 7.5 inches of snow at Logan airport (as of Monday afternoon).

Nor’easters, so named because the wind blows from the northeast during the storm, are low pressure systems that develop off the coast of the Carolinas, where the air is relatively warm and moist. As they move northward and encounter colder air in New England, they cannot hold onto their moisture and begin producing precipitation. The type of precipitation is sensitive to the track of the system. If the nor’easter moves far enough inland, Boston and Cape Cod receive rain while northern New England receives snow. If the nor’easter tracks eastward out to sea, Boston and Cape Cod receive snow. If the center of the nor’easter passes over the 40/70 benchmark (at 40˚N latitude, 70˚W longitude), Boston receives heavy snow.

Temperatures for the work week will remain below freezing and drop into the teens at night. Tomorrow and Thursday will be sunny, but a weak low pressure system will bring clouds on Friday.

Extended Forecast

Tonight: Mostly Clear. Low 13˚F (-11˚C).

Tomorrow: Sunny. High 30˚F (-1˚C).

Tomorrow Night: Clear. Low 18˚F (-8˚C).

Thursday: Sunny. High 30˚F (-1˚C).

Thursday Night: Clear. Low 18˚F (-8˚C).

Friday: Cloudy. High 32˚F (0˚C).