In Short

Institute Professor John M. Deutch ’61 was appointed to a federal intelligence panel on spy satellites, though the appointment was questioned by members of Congress. Deutch had served as Director of Central Intelligence from 1995–1996, and afterwards was found to have wrongly stored classified informaton on his unclassified computer systems, a serious security breach for which he ultimately received a presidential pardon.

The Chorallaries’ nth Annual Concert in Bad Taste is Saturday night at 11:59:59 p.m. in 26-100. Three people were in line already as of Wednesday night.

The Campus Police and Cambridge Police will be meeting next week to determine a response to the daylight muggings last Sunday outside buildings 32 and E15.

Barker Engineering Library’s bound journal collection is moving to N57 during March. The move will accommodate repairs to the 8th floor of Building 10, which has increasingly seen leaks and water damage.

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