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A Break From the Snow, But Not From the Cold

A Break From the Snow, But Not From the Cold

After receiving 12.4 inches of snow at Logan Airport this past Sunday and Monday, Boston could use a break from the snow. Luckily, the weather looks free of precipitation over the next week. Friday will be the warmest day in two weeks, with the high temperature looking to reach 40°F (4°C). Otherwise, temperatures will remain below freezing, not giving the snow already on the ground any chance to melt. Another shot of cold air invades us on Sunday, with a forecasted high of around 10°F (-12°C).

For those going on the Graduate Student Council ski trip to Sunday River, Maine, Friday and Saturday look to be decent skiing days, with highs in the upper 20s. The wind picks up Saturday afternoon, then temperatures will plummet Saturday night and Sunday morning. The low Sunday morning is forecasted to be -15°F (-9°F), and the high will struggle to reach 0°F (-18°C). With such low temperatures, it is extremely important to dress warmly and cover all exposed skin, as well as take frequent breaks to warm up inside.

Today: Partly sunny. High 25°F (-4°C).

Tonight: Partly cloudy. Low 18°F (-8°C).

Tomorrow: Partly sunny. High 30°F (-1°C).

Tomorrow night: cloudy. Low 25°F (-4°C).

Friday and Friday night: Mostly cloudy. High 40°F (4°C). Low 27°F (-3°C).

Saturday and Saturday night: Partly cloudy with temperatures dropping sharply in the evening. High 30°F (-1°C). Low 3°F (-16°C).

Sunday: Partly sunny and cold. High 10°F (-12°C).