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Recycle Roles

Impulsive shopper that I am, I spent an ungodly amount on a Halloween costume last year. Costumes are like red carpet outfits: it’s a fashion sin to be caught in the same one from a previous year. For guys, it’s not as big of a deal because their outfits are rarely memorable in both situations.

However, for girls, Halloween usually brings out a slew of hidden skankiness, which people love to fixate on. With the invention of Facebook, there’s now photographic evidence that you chose to skank it up in the same costume twice.

As the victim of the Asian frugal gene, I hate the thought of my overpriced pirate costume being one-time only. So, how do you get more wear out of a Halloween costume? My first thought was randomly wearing it to class, which might actually be considered normal …

Then, my next thought was roleplaying. Sex gets boring when it’s scheduled and systematic. Roleplaying is the way to get more bangs for your buck — not only does it add a nice zing to the bedroom (or whatever room), but it also makes the costume a better investment.

Now, I’m sure some people are thinking, “but my significant other should only want to have sex with me!” I don’t believe that humans are naturally monogamous. Instead, monogamy takes effort, and that’s what makes relationships so special. To assume that you will only be sexually attracted to one person for the rest of your life is to resign yourself to a life of impossible odds!

Relationships are not a cure-all to fantasies. Humans, by nature, are curious, and this function goes up with intelligence. It’s natural to wonder about other situations, even when committed. Roleplaying (or porn) is a way for people to release fantasies without actually cheating.

Roleplaying does not require a red carpet worthy performance. Costumes and props are not always necessary, although they can make it more intense. Instead, roleplaying is about picking a situation, like TA and student!

Other common roleplays include employee-boss, police-rogue, artist-canvas. Although at MIT, some of the roleplays I’ve heard of are anime and video game characters. (Now, this would be a good justification for Zelda music: roleplaying as Link and Zelda.)

For a sex-novice, roleplaying might be uncomfortable — except, it really shouldn’t be. You can be whoever you want to be, which will allow you to lose all your inhibitions. It’s good to occasionally get your mind off psets.

No one should want to be an MIT student 24/7 — it’s exhausting. Also, you might find a side of yourself that you like better while roleplaying. You might find being aggressive to be hot. (Trust me, girls, guys do not like to do the work all the time!)

Just remember, never exceed boundaries that you’re truly uncomfortable with. One of my friends at WVU had a guy ask her to pretend to be his sister. When she told me this, my first thought was, “way to confirm a stereotype of West Virginians!” Then, I just found it incredibly disturbing.

One of my ex’s asked me to be Sailor Moon, and I just couldn’t defile my childhood obsession — plus, even I can’t pull off an odango wig.

In the end, sex is about mutual pleasure. If roleplaying makes you uncomfortable to the point that you don’t enjoy sex, then it’s not worth it. Sometimes, though, it helps to lead into it. Try a different position. Be the dominant one if you’re usually submissive, and vice versa.

Just change the usual sex until you get more comfortable with drastically changing up the scene.

Have a happy Halloween, and, remember, you can almost always find a way to recycle any of your costumes.