Institute Wisdom Watch

Chancellor Clay “celebrates community traditions” by chastising hackers. Cognitive dissonance much? — thumbs down

A new sorority touches down on campus. If you didn’t fit one of the others, here’s your chance. — thumbs up

Voter drives on campus register more than 500 students! No more complaining about youth ambivalence. — thumbs up

The shank of the new Grad Rat is no longer dominated by a HUGE letter G. This is a dramatic improvement.— question mark

ATO avoids being expelled from the IFC. Good for them. Enjoy MacG while it lasts. — thumbs up

Congratulations to Sarah Palin for correctly pronouncing “Ahmadinejad” in the debate. Well done. — thumbs up

Teetering economy adds a bit of extra urgency to that senior year job search. At least there’s always grad school, right … ? — thumbs down

The Presidential Debates allow the rest of us to hear the candidates’ stump speeches, sound byte by sound byte. — thumbs down