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Hanna is Coming

Hanna is Coming

Flourishing tropical activity in the Atlantic basin over the past week has yielded a trio of storms: Tropical Storm Hanna, poised to become a hurricane and affect Boston Saturday night into Sunday, category 4 Hurricane Ike over the central Atlantic, and minimal Tropical Storm Josephine over the eastern Atlantic. Ike could potentially affect the east coast of the U.S. sometime during the middle of next week, but the main story right now is Hanna, packing sustained winds of up to 70 mph. Its projected path and intensity has the storm grazing the Carolinas as a category 1 hurricane early Saturday and potentially making a second landfall over southern New England as a tropical storm early Sunday morning.

Moisture associated with Hanna will begin to arrive tonight into tomorrow morning. A brief break from the rain may occur during the afternoon hours tomorrow, only to be followed by more heavy rain and wind directly associated with Hanna during the overnight hours. Hanna will quickly depart, and any precipitation should end by noon Sunday. Monday looks to be a gorgeous day with sunny skies and pleasant temperatures.

Extended Forecast

Today: Sunny and humid, highs in the mid 80s°F (30°C).

Tonight: Increasing cloudiness with rain late. Lows near 65°F (18°C).

Saturday: Periods or rain, especially in the morning and toward evening. Highs near 75°F (24°C).

Saturday night: Minimal tropical storm conditions possible. Windy with heavy rain and lows near 65°F (18°C). Winds could gust over 50 mph.

Sunday: Improving conditions. Rain possible early, with clearing skies later in the day. Highs near 75°F (24°C).