Independent Living Groups at MIT

A Variety of Unique Opportunities

Independent Living Groups offer a variety of unique opportunities for MIT students. The ILGs are a collection of five different houses, each with its own lifestyle, culture, and personality. Students who join ILGs find themselves a part of a small, close-knit community of friends.

Perhaps unlike some of the other living options at MIT however, the Independent Living Groups are all extremely different from one another — so you should check them all out! Even if the first one you try isn’t right for you, make sure to try the rest because they each have their own unique character.

It is easy to find a place at MIT where you can live and be happy; in fact, each person would most likely be happy at a large number of different places. But you should not be satisfied with that. There is someplace here where you can truly fit in, where you can really make a home for yourself. So whether or not you’ve found somewhere that’s good for you, always keep looking and try to find someplace perfect. You never know — maybe you’ll find your home at one of the ILGs.

To find out more about the ILGs, come to the Greek Griller on Saturday, go to web.mit.edu/lgc/, or go to the Web sites of the individual houses. The five ILGs are Fenway House, Student House, Pika, WILG, and Epsilon Theta.

David Farhi ’10 is the Commander of Epsilon Theta.