News Briefs

ATO Summer Residents Relocated Because of Water Damage

Summer residents of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity were relocated after an internal water pipe burst and caused minor water damage to the interior structure of the building.

According to David M. Nole ’09, a member of ATO who was in charge of finding summer boarders, MIT relocated all student residents to Next House for health and safety reasons. Other residents were transferred to a Boston-side fraternity that had a large number of vacant rooms. MIT students will be allowed to stay at Next House for a few more days and will then be allowed to move into their fall dormitories. Nole said in an e-mail that MIT would not charge the students a fee for moving in early.

The water pipe that burst drains the roof of the ATO building, according to Nole, and had become clogged after several days of inclement weather.

MIT contracted a construction crew to fix the water damage, as well as provide previously planned renovations, Nole said. Repairs and renovations are set to be complete by the beginning of September and will be paid for by ATO’s insurance, Nole said.

“MIT has been very helpful and supportive over the past several weeks and we are very thankful for their assistance,” Nole said. Nole also thanked the other fraternities for offering their help.

—Angeline Wang