Newly Elected Members of the MIT Corporation

The MIT Corporation elected the above members at its quarterly meeting on Friday, June 6. All memberships were effective beginning July 1. With these new members, the Corporation consists of 73 members, 21 of which are life members and eight of which are ex officio. An additional 34 individuals are life members emeritus, who can participate in meetings but do not having voting privileges.

Name Term MIT Degrees Job
Current MIT Activities
Ursula M. Burns 5 years President, Xerox Corporation
Lawrence K. Fish 5 years Chairman, Citizens Financial Group Inc.; Chairman, RBS America
Visiting committees for Sloan School of Management and Urban Studies and Planning; member of Corporation (2003–2008) and Executive Committee
Diane B. Greene 5 years SM ’78 President and CEO, VMware Inc.
Visiting committee for Biological Engineering
Helen Greiner 5 years ** SB ’89, SM ’90 Chairman of the Board and Co-Founder, iRobot Corporation
Visiting committee for Electrical Engineering; Association of MIT Alumnae; Sloan Management Society
Harbo Peter Jensen 5 years ** PhD ’74 Vice President, ChevronTexaco Global Technology Services Co.
Visiting committee for Biological Engineering, Materials Science and Engineering, and Nuclear Science and Engineering; Corporation ex officio member (2007–2008)
Abigail P. Johnson 5 years President, Personal and Workplace Investing, Fidelity Investments
Visiting committee for Sloan School of Management; member of Corporation (2007–present); director of Investment Management Company Board
Marta M. Luczynska 5 years BS ’06, MEng ’07 Recent MIT graduate
Victor J. Menezes 5 years ** MS ’72 Senior Advisor, New Silk Route Partners, LLC
Visiting committee for Sloan School of Management
Arthur J. Samberg Life membership SB ’62 Chairman, Pequot Capital Management Inc.
Visiting committees for Aeronautics and Astronautics and Civil and Environmental Engineering; member of Corporation (2003–present) and Executive Committee ex officio; chair of Investment Management Company Board
Antonia D. Schuman 1 year * SB ’58 Manager of Advanced Systems, Retired, TRW Data Technologies Division
Visiting committee for Athletics, Physical Education, and Recreation
Peter L. Slavin 1 year President, Massachusetts General Hospital; Professor, Harvard Medical School
Laura D’Andrea Tyson 5 years PhD ’74 Professor, Haas School of Business, University of California at Berkeley
Visiting committee for Economics
* ex officio for one year as president of the Association of Alumni and Alumnae of MIT (2008–09)

** alumni association nominee

Source: MIT News Office