Because of an editing error, the article “Head of Mechanical Engineering Dept. Will Leave His Post in July” (Friday, May 9) implied that outgoing department chair Rohan Abeyaratne said he wanted to hire more energy researchers working on “micro and nanotechnology.” While he said the lab should continue to increase its energy research, he has actually already hired “micro and nanotechnology” faculty experts during his tenure as department chair; he did not say that the department should hire more.

The article “With Students at the Helm, Ambulance Stands Ready” (Tuesday, May 13) incorrectly stated that MIT student EMTs can dispense Tylenol and aspirin. Student EMTs can only dispense aspirin.

The sidebar “Student Resources” (Tuesday, May 13) incorrectly implied that Nightline offers walk-in visits. While Nightline used to have a walk-in option, they currently only take calls.

A photo caption on page 1 of The Tech’s Tuesday, April 29 issue incorrectly stated that the keynote speech at ROFLcon occurred on Saturday. The speech took place on Friday.

The article “Government Declares Some Grad Students Are ‘Security Threats’” (Friday, May 9) misstated the name of an academic department at MIT. It is the Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, not the Earth, Atmosphere, and Planetary Sciences Department.