What Do You Think?

Salman A. Aldukheil ’10

“I went once because I jammed my eye. They were very helpful in scheduling an appointment, and everybody was nice.”

Steven T. Lynch ’10

“I’ve had friends that have gone to Medical and they don’t help or they tell them something that is not true. I know a lot of depressed people that simply do not feel comfortable going to MIT Mental [Health] because they don’t know the people and it’s just uncomfortable. I think MIT is working on getting liaisons in living groups, which could work.”

Joseph P. Diaz ’10

“I think they provide fair services for anybody who needs help. It has been fairly quick and easy with friendly staff and comprehensive services.”

Elizabeth H. Bellocchio ’10

“The services are very adequate but sometimes a lot of people don’t know they are there. I felt intimidated in going the first time. They are not as approachable as they could be, but once I was there it was a good experience.”

Nur M. Shahir ’10

“I have only been [to MIT Medical] a few times. Technically, I have a primary care physician [who] I have seen once freshman year. … MedLinks are sometimes more useful than MIT health services.”

Kyle M. Knoblock ’11

“I don’t have familiarity with the services. The one time I went, the service was great. I was in and out in an hour with a diagnosis and everything.”

Caroline E. Rubin ’08

“I’ve heard from friends that they just try to give you drugs and make you leave.”

Karishma Rahman ’11

“One of my friends went to Mental [Health] because she was having a hard time and there were several deaths in her family. They were very helpful and made sure to set up follow-up meetings. I also had a friend with sleeping disorders, and they set up a sleeping study for her and got her the medication she needed.”

Anjan Soumyanarayanan G

“My one complaint is that MIT does not provide dental services.”

Ryan S. Hodgson ’11

“I think it is definitely important to have mental services especially at MIT with all the stress. I’m glad it exists.”

Jesse Lopez ’08

“I think there is a stigma about MIT Mental [Health] because if you go they might think you’re crazy. However, for the last four years they have made it more friendly and accessible. I think the publicity is good. MIT confuses depression for being overworked. Professors and mental health services should work together to achieve a good balance between work and fun. People seem happier at other campuses.”

Margarita N. Trevino-Garrido ’11

“What I’ve heard is that MIT Medical is not very knowledgeable. I asked about a dental service once and they were not able to answer. I have heard from people that you have to wait a long time. My friend had a concussion and had to wait an hour. My opinion on Mental [Health] is that it is not confidential enough because they take whatever you tell them too seriously. They should not tell people in your academic department about your problems.”

— Reporting by Andrea Robles