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The Day Before Yesterday

The Day Before Yesterday

Historians at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology announced Tuesday that they have recovered the lab notebooks of famed Radiation Laboratory researcher Dr. Ira Hoaxe. The writings of Dr. Hoaxe, notable for discovering the weather forecasting technique of Doppler auguration, detail the scientist’s first forays into meteorology. Archaeologists have managed to decipher portions of Hoaxe’s texts, excerpts of which are presented here.

… March 30, 1941. For the ninth day in a row, Doppler augur reported that today will be ‘gray and miserable.’ I suspect a malfunction with the machine, but the forecast is correct, for the ninth day in a row.

March 31, 1941. Rumors abound of a Course VI student ‘going on a date.’ We are relieved when the myth is dispelled as false.

April 1,1941. In celebration of an annual holiday, some churlish ‘hackers’ have posted designs for a new building to replace our beloved Radiation Laboratory, with the most horrendous angles and colliding roof pieces. The nerve of some people! As if such a monstrosity would ever be constructed …

To commemorate this historic discovery, today’s Tech includes a new section, the PastCast, in which the weather of the last few days will be determined using the latest technology.


Yesterday: Cloudy, intermittent rain. High 44°F (7°C), low 29°F (-2°C).

Today: Breezy and warm, showers in the afternoon. High 59°F (15°C).

Tonight: Overcast with scattered showers. Low 42°F (6°C).

Tomorrow: Sunny and cooler. High 52°F (11°C).

Tomorrow Night: Clear skies and smooth sailing. Low 35°F (2°C).