Campus Life

No Soup For You!

I can’t be the only one who’s noticed the absence of the formerly-famous clam chowder that used to be served in on-campus eateries every Friday. I can’t be the only one who came back from winter break aching for some proper clam chowder only to find that it’s nowhere to be found on campus. So where has it gone?

Last semester, every Friday was made extra special because I already knew by Thursday night what I would be having — no, enjoying — for lunch the following day. I bragged to everybody at other colleges about how incredible it was to be living in a place with real culinary history. For me, clam chowder was the pinnacle of that experience, and now it’s gone.

I’m sure that the on-campus chefs have an excellent reason for no longer serving their New England clam chowder, and I understand that things can and will necessarily happen that prevent certain things from being available forever. Besides, it isn’t as if the entire city of Boston is devoid of places to find clam chowder. But I will still shed a tear from time to time for having to tell myself every Friday at lunch time, “No soup for you.”