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Quotes from the Facebook Group: Overheard At MIT

Quotes from the Facebook Group: Overheard At MIT

-Random Sloan Student

Person 1: “Aw, they name the goldfish?! That’s so depressing!”

Person 2: “It’s like naming your functions … and then erasing them.”

Person 1: …

Person 3: “Yeah, it’s like killing a friend.”

Person 1: …


Person 1: “You met Richard Stallman? Why didn’t you ask him any questions? Like, is your beard the source of your power? Where do you shower? Can I give you a tie with a Windows Vista logo? When will you ever finish the Hurd? Why did you do the Soulja Boy carrying your laptop? Have you ever run into a physicist from the future with an orange suit with a lambda on it and a beaten up crowbar?”

Person 2: “Come on, I’m course 5. You think I can come up with all that?”


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Special thanks to group creator Kristin M. Rose ’10.