From the Editor

As spring semester begins and we return to the daily grind of life at MIT, take this opportunity to look back on the previous year. The Tech provides this special Year in Review issue to highlight some of the major news events of 2007 and share a selection of campus viewpoints. In these pages, you can also rediscover the best of the year’s movies and music and learn more about our community’s excellent student-athletes.

In particular, I would like to recommend the Year in Review to MIT’s administrators. A reflection of their decisions and policies can be seen in the news and opinions articles presented in this issue. How better to evaluate how the year has gone — what worked and what didn’t — than to step back and look at the major events of the year and their consequences in the eyes of those they affected the most?

Among the issues that came to prominence this year: Is racism a problem at MIT, and if so, what can we do about it? How do we protect members of the community and preserve the unique culture of MIT? How do we behave appropriately in the face of legal concerns? And what image do we present to the outside world in the face of aggressive scrutiny? We hope that these articles will help our readers continue to think about these questions, because they promise to remain relevant in the coming year.

Angeline Wang

Editor in Chief

The Tech, Volume 127

Feb. 5, 2008