Police Log

UPDATE TO THIS ARTICLE: Zandile Williams' case was dismissed and later sealed in November 2011.

The following incidents were reported to the MIT Police between Dec. 3, 2007 and Jan. 9, 2008. This summary does not include incidents such as false alarms, general service calls, larcenies, or medical shuttles.

Dec. 3: W20 (84 Mass. Ave.), 8:21 a.m., Breaking and entering, report of large safe stolen.

Dec. 6: M10 (122 Memorial Dr.), 8:22 a.m., Breaking and entering, party reports theft of projector.

W89 (291 Vassar St.), 12:55 p.m., Credit card fraud.

Dec. 7: W20 (84 Mass. Ave.), 1:09 p.m., Breaking and entering, report of locker in Student Center broken into.

Dec. 8: M6 (182 Rear Memorial Dr.), 2:07 a.m., Person reported two individuals trying to break into office.

Dec. 10: W20 (84 Mass. Ave.), 8:46 a.m., Routine check and inquiry, Ismael Maisonet, 901 Roosevelt Towers, Cambridge, Mass., arrested on default warrant.

M10 (122 Memorial Dr.), 1:08 p.m., Breaking and entering, larceny of projector.

E19 (400 Main St.), 7:40 p.m., Assist Cambridge Police with a disturbance between a taxi driver and a pedestrian at the corner of Main St. and Ames St.

Dec. 11: E38 (292 Main St.), 3:33 p.m., Reporting person states two males are posing as DARE officers or magazine salesmen in an attempt to solicit money.

Dec. 12: M46, 5:25 p.m., Reporting person reports she was verbally abused by bike riders.

M14 (160 Memorial Dr.), 6:57 p.m., Check and inquiry on person; Brian Glennon, 92 Emerson St., Boston, Mass., arrested on outstanding warrant.

Dec. 14: W20 (84 Mass. Ave. first floor), 5:36 p.m., MIT Police respond to W20 for a report of a past domestic incident; arrest of Zandile T. Williams, 362 Memorial Dr., Cambridge, Mass., for domestic assault and battery.

Dec. 17: M66 (25 Ames St.), 2:47 p.m., Breaking and entering, larceny of chairs.

Dec. 20: M10 (122 Memorial Dr.), 10:37 a.m., Breaking and entering, larceny of two laptops.

Dec. 21: N52 (265 Mass. Ave.), 12:41 p.m., Caller states that a motor vehicle was broken into in the Windsor Lot and the owner is standing by.

Dec. 27: M14 (160 Memorial Dr.), 12:57 p.m., Report of malicious destruction to a vending machine.

Dec. 31: E23 (25 Carlson St.), 6:05 p.m., Construction worker was assaulted at E15 work site.

Jan. 2: Lot 15 (22 Windsor St.), 1:42 a.m., Reporting person stated that his rear license plate was missing from his motor vehicle.

M3 (33 Mass. Ave.), 2:22 p.m., Harassing e-mail.

Jan. 4: N52 (265 Mass. Ave.), 7:49 a.m., Breaking and entering, computer equipment stolen.

M10 (122 Memorial Dr.), 12:21 p.m., Breaking and entering, larceny of two laptop computers.

N51 (275 Mass. Ave.), 6:07 p.m., Breaking and entering, reporting person reports audio equipment stolen from his office area.

Jan. 7: M9 (105 Mass. Ave.), 10:41 a.m., Breaking and entering, reporting person states that three separate rooms were entered and an iPod stolen.

M12 (60 Rear Vassar St.), 7:26 p.m., Hit and run, reporting person reports his motor vehicle was struck and the person left the area.