News Briefs

Safe Stolen From Student Life Programs Office

A safe was stolen from the Student Life Programs Office sometime over the weekend, prompting the cancellation of checks and a delay in student group reimbursements.

The safe, which was located behind two locked doors, was discovered missing yesterday morning, said Jed Wartman, assistant dean for student activities. The safe held mostly checks and only a small amount of cash, so there should not be much loss from the theft.

Wartman said he was surprised to find the safe missing given its unwieldy size; the safe was approximately 3 feet tall, 2 feet wide, and 2 feet deep.

The theft, combined with other thefts in the Student Center, may give more priority to ongoing discussions regarding building security.

“There have been some conversations about proximity readers as opposed to keys,” said Wartman, though he emphasized that the readers might not be the best solution.

Reimbursements for student groups will be delayed until this Friday, Dec. 7.

—Nick Semenkovich