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The Day After Tomorrow

The Day After Tomorrow

Yesterday, the first of two cold fronts passed through the New England area. The second rolls through today, accompanied by a blast of polar air. A strong upper level jet will fuel significant cold air advection, resulting in gusty winds on a very cold weekend. Make sure to bundle up when you go out Saturday night, as temperatures will plummet into the low 20s°F. High pressure and a lack of cloud cover means clear skies through tomorrow, so look forward to a brisk, sunny day.

Elsewhere in the country, a severe storm is brewing over the Southwest. The system will cross the Great Plains to arrive on the East Coast by Sunday afternoon. Boston’s first real taste of winter will be mostly rain, giving way to snow as the evening progresses. Expect more precipitation Monday, and be wary of ice as temperatures dip below freezing that night.

This weekend is also the last in the college football season. Expect Virginia Tech to give Boston College a run for its money (VT 10, BC 14) and Missouri to put up a fight against Oklahoma (OU 31, Missouri 24). Resurgent Tennessee looks to knock off falling LSU (Tennessee 37, LSU 35), as Oregon State topples a QB-less Oregon team (Oregon State 17, Oregon 6).

Extended forecast

Tonight: Freezing and windy. Low 27°F (-3°C).

Tomorrow: Cold, with gusting winds. High 35°F (2°C).

Tomorrow night: Windy and cold. Low 21°F (-6°C).

Sunday: Afternoon rain and snow. High 36°F (2°C).

December: Miserable and cold.

January: Miserable and cold.

February: Miserable and cold.