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October Never Felt So Good

October Never Felt So Good

Just when you thought fall had arrived in the form of cool daytime temperatures and downright chilly nights, the thermostat is getting bumped up again. To recap, this month started off very much above normal, followed by a period of nearly normal highs and lows. Now a second surge of warmth looks to cement October 2007 as quite an anomalously warm time in Boston. Specific to the next several days, a southerly wind flow will bring our weather from the warm southeast United States, an area that has been baked dry this year. Speaking generally though, there is just not much cool air available in any direction right now. Air coming straight from Canada the last week or so has only served to cool temperatures to climatologically average levels. Looking even farther north, temperatures are running about 10 degrees above average in regions like Alaska.

As with everything in life, the possibility of a late summer-like weekend comes with a catch. This catch is in the form of clouds and showers. All in all, not a bad deal; I suggest we take it. The warmth upcoming is thanks to a warm front that pushed through the area with clouds and some showers during the last 12 hours. Conservatively temperatures will reach the low 70s°F today, and if the sun happens to break through for long enough, high 70s°F aren’t out of the question. The weekend looks to be picturesque, with highs in the low to mid 70s°F (about 10–15°F above average) and sunshine (though Saturday might be a little breezy). For the extreme weather fanatics, Monday could be a record breaker, with highs possibly reaching the low 80s°F. Reality in the form of cool temperatures might try to return sometime next week, but betting against reality might be safe given what October has shown so far.

Extended Forecast

Tonight: Cloudy with rain overnight. Low 60°F (16°C).

Tomorrow: Partly cloudy, breezy. High 73°F (23°C).

Sunday: Sunny. High 77°F (25°C).

Monday: Sunny with near record warmth. High 80°F (27°C).