Friday, Oct. 19

Charles Bubeck

Killian Hall (14W-111), Free

Hear a jazz musician from Washington, D.C. — and you don’t even have to take a bus.

Saturday, Oct. 20

Del tha Funkee Homosapien *

Middle East (Downstairs), 18+, $22

Did you know he’s Ice Cube’s cousin? And also a blue cartoon ghost in animated band Gorillaz? Make sure to check out this far-from-mainstream MC, noted for his excellent lyricism.

Imperial Teen *

T.T. the Bear’s Place, 18+, $15

They’re twice my age and playing way past my bedtime. You might remember them from the soundtrack to the semi-popular mid ’90s film “Jawbreaker”; re-remember tonight at a quarter past midnight.

Monday, Oct. 22

Art Brut

Roxy, All Ages, $20

So what if they’re opening for the (less talented) Hold Steady? In my book this night is all about Art Brut, top of the pops — British punk with an intelligent and snarky attitude that calls to mind a cleaned-up version of The Sex Pistols.

Blind Melon

Harper’s Ferry, 18+, $12

Blind Melon reunion tour minus Shannon Hoon. If you lived through the ’90s or have a taste for modern spins on classic rock, check out this show.

Wednesday, Oct. 24

Land of Talk

T.T. the Bear’s Place, 18+, $8

These guys opened for Menomena last spring which just about makes them golden in our book (and your newspaper). They play weird instruments and dress in cool outfits and you’ll want to be them. Oh, and Small Sins are playing that night, too, which could be another reason to go.

Saturday, Oct. 27

Big D and the Kids Table

Roxy, All Ages, $15

You know you still secretly love ska. Bring out the kid in you and celebrate Halloween early at this show.

Sunday, Oct. 28

The Dead Trees

Middle East (Upstairs), 18+,


The Tech recently interviewed Newton band The Craters, who play with this band’s drummer. They’ve just come off tour with Albert Hammond, Jr., so welcome them back to Boston at this end of October show.

— Jillian A. Berry and Sarah Dupuis