Institute Wisdom Watch

MIT announces new hacking guidelines and policy; Committee on Discipline to hear all future hacking cases. It remains to be seen if the policy will support students or vilify them. — question mark

RIAA sends 30 additional pre-litigation letters to MIT students. Apparently, they’ve found a way to profit from stolen music. — thumbs down

President Susan Hockfield holds State of the Institute forum. While added communication is a step in the right direction, next time, give us the full picture. — thumbs up

Alum gives $100 million for construction of new cancer research center. Thank you, David H. Koch. — thumbs up

Associate Provosts for Faculty Equity finally named a year after the position was created. Where was this 10 months ago during the Sherley debacle? — thumbs up

LaVerde’s Market now open 24 hours. Now 6.170 students, pre-meds, and reading room lovers will no longer go hungry! — thumbs up

Record voter turnout in fall UA elections. Unfortunately, the highest voter participation was at Bexley Hall, where students elected Naked Abe Lincoln. — thumbs up

MIT can only claim distant relations to any of the 2007 Nobel Prize winners. After this and our U.S. News rankings drop, how are we going to attract new students? — thumbs down