Future of New Dorm Uncertain

545 ashdown
The new Ashdown House, NW35, is scheduled for completion in August 2008. Plans for the old Ashdown, W1, are still not finalized.
Alex H. Chan—The Tech

CORRECTION TO THIS ARTICLE: The headline “Future of New Dorm Uncertain” on page 1 of the Oct. 16, 2007 issue of The Tech was misleading. While the future of W1, the graduate dormitory that is being converted to undergraduate space, is uncertain, the newly-constructed graduate dormitory NW35 is on schedule to be completed in August 2008.

Construction for the new graduate residence NW35 has remained on budget since its $11.5 million overrun in February 2007 and is slated to finish in August 2008. Meanwhile, few plans for the old Ashdown House, W1, have been finalized.

All the NW35 buildings are scheduled to be enclosed by the end of this year, with the aluminum exterior of one of the buildings almost complete, Director of Housing Dennis Collins said. Windows have been installed in these spaces, while contractors are still working on interior wall studding, rough wiring, and plumbing.

Furnishings for the interior are still being decided by current residents of Ashdown, who are living in W1. Housing officials displayed several furniture options in W1 for residents to choose from, Collins said.

The future of W1 is “still in its planning phase,” said Theresa M. Stone, executive vice president and treasurer of the Institute, though it is slated to open in August 2008 as an undergraduate dormitory with capacity for about 400 residents. Although the Department of Facilities recently finished an analysis of the current building infrastructure, the scope of the renovations and construction timeline have yet to be determined, Collins said. In addition, funding has not been secured. Collins said that a detailed plan for W1 will hopefully be reached within the next 30 days. The new housemasters will be Suzanne Flynn, professor of linguistics and philosophy, and Jack Carroll of the Office of the Dean for Student Life, Collins said.