The Sept. 7, 2007 news article, “Free Wireless Access Points Placed Across Cambridge,” misspelled the name of one of the pilot programs. It is in Newtowne Court, not NewTown Court. The article also gave the wrong location of the pilot program. It is located on Main St. between Windsor St. and Portland St., not on Massachusetts Ave. Additionally, the article misspelled a company name. It is Meraki, not Maraki.

Oliver Thomas, manager of the Computing Help Desk in Information Services & Technology, clarified that the city has been evaluating both using the open-source Roofnet code developed by MIT and using Meraki’s commercial solution that is loosely based on the Roofnet code. Earlier deployments such as the one in Newtowne Court were based on the Roofnet Project and later deployments such as the Harvard Square Project were built on Meraki solutions.