Daily Confusion

CORRECTION TO THIS ARTICLE: Because of inaccurate information provided by the Interfraternity Council, the Aug. 31, 2007 Daily Confusion section of The Tech misprinted the name of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity. All “Alpha Epsilon Phi” activities listed are actually “Alpha Epsilon Pi” activities; Alpha Epsilon Phi is a sorority.

Saturday, September 1, 2007


12:00—Epsilon Theta—Greek Griller - Are you a down-to-earth person with a good sense of humor? Does the prospect of living with a tightly-knit group of supportive friends appeal to you? Are you awfully fond of baby ducks? If so, make sure to come meet us at the Greek Griller.

12:30—Kappa Sigma—Alley Rally: Come kick off Rush with an old school block party on Amherst Alley. Win prizes, play games, grab some free food, or stop on by for a tour of the house.

12:30—Phi Sigma Kappa—Phi Sig Phest: Meet new people and have fun with card games, ping pong, and pool tournaments, even board games. The phest will escalate to an auction and a raffle. Auction points will be earned with participation and performance in several different tournaments; friends can put their points together for a better chance at the bigger prizes. The raffle will give everyone a chance to take something home.


13:00—Theta Xi—Roofdeck Smoothies and House Tours: Come see why President Hockfield called our house one of the nicest she’d seen as you tour our brownstone house right next to Kenmore square. Then, cool off with a smoothie and enjoy a Saturday afternoon on our roof with spectacular views of the Boston Skyline, or stay inside and enjoy light refreshments and a game of pool, foosball, or darts.

13:00—Chi Phi—Chi Phi Open House: featuring American Gladiator Jousting and Smoothies: Come meet the brothers of Chi Phi and explore the only MIT fraternity that is also a Boston Historical Landmark! If you’re feeling up to it, challenge some of your friends or the brothers to an awesome round of American Gladiator Jousting. If you just want to beat the summer heat for a while, just grab a refreshing smoothie and some snacks, and kick back in our beautiful house.

13:00—Lambda Chi Alpha—BBQ: Tour our six story brown stone while enjoying Hamburgers and Hot Dogs.

13:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Alley Rally: Join the fraternities on Amherst Alley (between Baker and Burton Conner) as we engage in some friendly Inter-Fraternal Competition. Tug of War, Push-ups, American Gladiator

13:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Open House: Enjoy free smoothies and wings! Take one of our house tours, meet our brothers, and enjoy our in-house entertainment!

13:00—Pi Lambda Phi—BBQ and Sundaes: Continue the rush of free BBQ food while making your own sundaes and meet the brothers and rush girls of Pi Lam.

13:00—Pi Lambda Phi—Sumo Wrestling: Ever wonder what it’s like to feel like a sumo wrestler? Put on a suit and find out as you compete on Pi Lam’s roofdeck with river view.

13:00—Pi Lambda Phi—House Tours: From our basement to our roofdeck to our river view, see what Pi Lam’s brownstone on Beacon Street has to offer.

13:00—Sigma Chi—House Tours and Snacks: Tour of the Sigma Chi House. Snacks including dunkaroos

13:00—Sigma Phi Epsilon—SigEp Extravaganza: Don’t want to leave campus? Join us @ Kresge for an afternoon of sports, building contests, game shows and tons of food. You can’t miss it.

13:00—Theta Delta Chi—TDC House Tours: We are the closest house to campus and have much more to offer. Check us out for a tour and get a ticket for a raffle to win some prizes.

13:00—pika—Pika invites you to: Dry Ice Madness - Ice Cream, Smoothies, Frisbee, and more! So drop the T on the CO2 and join us for an afternoon of fun! Come hang out with power-tool-using, good-food-loving pikans at their house full of Special Features!;


14:00—Alpha Delta Phi—House Tours and Ice Cream Social with WILG: Come check out our house and meet the lovely ladies of WILG next door.

14:00—Alpha Epsilon Phi—Toy Impact Testing: Ever wondered what MIT students do when they’re really bored? (at the house)

14:00—Beta Theta Pi—Meet The Brothers: I’m proud to introduce you to some of the best guys you could hope to meet at MIT. Come hang out; we’ll be skating, hacky-sacking, shooting some hoop, and grilling on our stoop. Get tours of the houses (we have two brownstone mansions) and ask how you can win up to $1000 for school!

14:00—Kappa Sigma—Day in Boston: Last day before classes! Come head out into Boston with us to check out the city’s best- the North End, Chinatown, Boston Commons, Fenway, Faneuil Hall, and lots more. We’ll be leaving from the house.

14:00—Nu Delta—Nu Delta Casino Night: Think you got game at the card or pool table? Always rack up more kills than your buddies in Halo? Maybe you completely dominate in foosball. Whatever the game, test your mettle against our gaming experts. Whether you’re on the rail or in the action, it’s your call.

14:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Wii Giveaway / House Tour: Enter our Wii tournament and win one of 2 Wii’s we’re giving away! Grab some snacks with the brothers and check out our 80” projection screen, leather couches, vintage pool table, and our breathtaking roof deck view of the Boston skyline.

14:00—Phi Delta Theta—Halo Tournament: Prepare for the release of Halo 3 by sharpening your skills against all challengers The champion will claim a prize, so bring your A-game. Check out the house and meet the brothers while you’re here.

14:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—Phi Sig Phest - Do it yourself…: Ever rolled your own sushi? What about brewed your own root beer? Give it a shot and join the Phest. The phest will escalate to an auction and a raffle. Auction points will be earned with participation and performance in several different tournaments; friends can put their points together for a better chance at the bigger prizes. The raffle will give everyone a chance to take something home.

14:00—Sigma Nu—BBQ: Serving up burgers and hot dogs on the first floor

14:00—Theta Chi—Oreo Stacking for an iPod: How many Oreos can you stack?  The builder of the highest stack of the day wins an iPod Shuffle! While you’re here check out the amazing view from our roof deck. Call 214-906-7217 if you need a ride to our house.

14:00—Theta Delta Chi—Air Hockey and Pool: Come challenge some of the TDC brothers at the two games they have come to perfect. Sorry for the home field advantage.

14:00—Zeta Beta Tau—ZBTahiti Luau: Take a tour of our house and try one of our delicious tropical smoothies served in a coconut shell at this authentic Hawaiian luau.

14:00—Zeta Psi—Car Bash Vandalism: Spray paint and vandalize the Car Bash car in preparation for the main event. Join us for a pre-bash wiffleball game as well.

14:00—WILG—Ice Cream Social — come visit and have some ice cream on the patio!

14:00—Epsilon Theta—Playground Games - Catch a ride to ET after the Greek Griller and join us at the park across the street for playground games you haven’t played for years. More fun than you remember from your playground days!

14:06—Delta Psi—No6 Club Open House : Meet Sixers and frosh as you tour our beautiful house. We are located on campus between Burton Connor and MacGregor.

14:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Science Smorgasboard: Fun with the VLCA, electricity, and nanotechnology!

14:30—Kappa Sigma—Kappa Sigma Open House- Win a Nintendo Wii: Compete against brothers in videogames, pool, poker, blackjack and more for a chance to win a Nintendo Wii and other awesome prizes.

14:30—Theta Delta Chi—Green Bowling: Come bowling with heads of cabbage and lettuce using broccoli pins. We will be using all things green at this event at TDC’s highest elevation.


15:00—Delta Tau Delta—Roofdeck BBQ: Tired of the grimy food they have over on campus? Make your first stop in Boston Delta Tau Delta. Our brothers will be grilling up a storm on our beautiful roofdeck overlooking MIT and the Prudential tower.

15:00—Phi Kappa Sigma—Skullhouse Carnival: Join the brothers of Phi Kappa Sigma and meet your new classmates at the Skullhouse Carnival where you’ll find snow cones, cotton candy, games and prizes. Don’t forget to get a tour the nicest house at MIT and make sure you stick around for the grand prize raffle

15:00—Sigma Nu—Pool Tournament: Pool tournament at the house

15:00—Theta Delta Chi—BBQ @ TDC: More free food! Grab something to eat and watch the band playing on one of our roofdecks.

15:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Spice Cream: LN2 meet jalapeño … only at tEp

15:30—Theta Delta Chi—TDC Dance Classes: Join some of our brothers in Dance Troupe, Mocha Moves, and Bhangra will be there to teach and/or practice a variety of dance styles ranging from Hip Hop to Chamuk.


16:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Learn to DJ in under 30 Minutes: Learn how to scratch and mix from the best DJs on campus. Lessons run until 7:30 p.m. You could earn a chance to make a guest DJ appearance at our ‘After Hours’ roofdeck party later in the night!

16:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—Phi Sig Phest - Indoor Tournaments: Earn points playing parlor games, card games, and board games. Bonus points for winning. Use your points bid for prizes at auction. Combine points with friends to win bigger prizes. The raffle will give everyone a chance to take something home.

16:00—Theta Delta Chi—FUNK is meant to be heard live: Come get funked on our roofdeck by a ska/funk band.

16:00—Epsilon Theta—Tie-Dye - We’ll be on campus torturing T-shirts with bright colors and rubber bands. Come get your hands green.

16:06—Delta Psi—Lamb Roast : Roast a whole lamb with us in front of our house! Enjoy international food, music, and fun while the lamb cooks. Hang out and get a tour of the house. Vegetarians – don’t worry we haven’t forgotten you.

16:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—WWXXII: Re-enact WWXXII in the year 2222 when the world is underwater thanks to global warming!

16:30—Kappa Sigma—KS - Dodgeball Tournament: Dodge, Dip, Duck, Dive, and Dodge your way to victory with last year’s IM Champion Dodgeballers. Play for pride and prizes on mixed teams … just try not to be on Flynn’s team … he can’t dodge for his life. We’ll meet at our house before heading across the street to the Tennis Courts.


17:00—Fenway House—EAT A PIG! We’re roasting a pig. Also vegetables. Kosher options provided.

17:00—Sigma Phi Epsilon—Off the Grill Dinner: Come and have some home-made beef schnitzels and pork chops freshly prepared and grilled by our brothers. Veg option provided

17:00—Theta Xi—Dinner by the Brothers: Swing by Theta Xi for a night of tasty dishes prepared by our brothers and friends.  We’re a diverse house with diverse tastes, and we have the cooking skill to prove it.

17:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Tall Bike Riding: Learn to ride a tall bike @ tEp!


18:00—Epsilon Theta—Dinner - Scientists recommend eating food more than once a day. Join us for a homecooked, tasty meal, stuffed porkchops (or peppers for vegetarians). You can catch our Big Silver Van at 77 Mass Ave. at 4:15 or 5:15 p.m.

18:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Steak and Lobster Dinner: Free Surf and Turf Dinner. Delicious

18:00—Alpha Epsilon Phi—Classic BBQ: Meat is what’s for dinner. (at the house)

18:00—Beta Theta Pi—(India) Quality Experience : Zagat Rated “#1 Indian Restaurant in Boston,” India Quality, is catering a unique cuisine not to be missed. Come to try the hot food, stay to chill out in our lounge with some Hookah.

18:00—Chi Phi—Dinner and Salsa Lessons: Enjoy some delicious Mexican fajitas and burritos, prepared by our own chef Cheryl! Then show off your moves or learn some Salsa from a professional instructor.

18:00—Delta Upsilon—Lobster Dinner: Come enjoy some of our chef’s famous stuffed lobster while enjoying views of Boston and Cambridge from our roof deck. Stick around for a house tour and live music later on in the night. We are right across the Mass Ave bridge and to the right at 526 Beacon Street (we’re the house with a putting green for a front lawn).

18:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Dinner on Campus: Rush Rules say we can’t take you off campus until Sunday. But that still leaves Anna’s, the food trucks, and more.

18:00—Phi Kappa Sigma—Dinner Catered by Blue Ribbon: Come chat with the brothers of Phi Kappa Sigma while feasting on delicious barbecue from Blue Ribbon. This won’t be any ordinary meal! Complete with pulled pork, ribs, and mashed potatoes, this is a meal you surely won’t forget.

18:00—Pi Lambda Phi—Steak Dinner: Come and eat a delicious steak dinner with Pi Lam brothers and enter a raffle for an iPod.

18:00—Sigma Chi—Dinner: We will be grilling all kinds of meats and seafood

18:00—Sigma Nu—Steak Dinner: Steak and all the trimmings on the second floor

18:00—Theta Chi—Comedic Pub Nite: Come eat wings and snacks while enjoying a lineup of Boston’s best comedians.

18:00—Theta Delta Chi—Tapas and (non-alcoholic) Sangria Dinner: One of our brothers was in Spain for half a year and thinks he’s all cultured now.  Try out our Mediterranean dinner and let him know what you think.

18:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Dinner: Steak and Lobster: Enjoy as much Filet Mignon and Lobster as you can eat!

18:15—pika—Pika invites you to: An authentic Chinese dinner at our house: Eat what you can’t get in the restaurants. Come hang out with power-tool-using, good-food-loving pikans at their house full of Special Features!;

18:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—HsinHsin: Come enjoy a tEp tradition of the finest Chinese cuisine between here and MIT

18:30—pika—Pika invites you to: Make a bad movie with us. Ever seen “The Blob”? Ever thought “I could do WORSE?!” Well, here’s your chance. Come hang out with power-tool-using, good-food-loving pikans at their house full of Special Features!;

18:30—Delta Tau Delta—Comedy Club: Come watch 12 time Conan O’Brien guest Dave Goldstein and Liam McEneaney, featured on Comedy Central.

18:30—Zeta Psi—House Dinner: Fill up on some tasty, Zeta Psi-special fajitas and burritos in preparation for Car Bash!


19:00—Delta Kappa Epsilon—Mechanical Bull

19:00—Kappa Sigma—5th Annual Shawn T. “Sully” Sullivan Pig Roast: Come join us for our 5th Annual Shawn T. “Sully” Sullivan Pig Roast. Stop by and grab a taste of Birmingham, Alabama BBQ as we pay tribute to Sully. Our pig is slow roasted all day long and served with his award winning (as far as we’re concerned) BBQ sauce ... don’t worry, we’ve got more than just pork to eat.

19:00—Phi Delta Theta—Ribs and Chowda Dinner: A former Legal Seafoods chef, Chef John’s Clam chowder is unmatched. Come indulge yourself in delicious food before trying your luck at cards.

19:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Hickory Ribs: Enjoy boston’s finest ribs made by the famous Uncle Pete’s restaurant.

19:00—Sigma Chi—Make your own ice cream Sunday: Ice cream, hot fudge, and all the toppings

19:05—Theta Xi—Red Sox Night: Watch the Sox face off against the Baltimore Orioles just a few hundred yards away. Unwind in front of our 61” HDTV, or watch the game on our roofdeck and hear the roar of the famous Fenway Park crowd.

19:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—More fun with LN2!: The possibilities are endless.

19:30—Alpha Delta Phi—Live Improv Comedians x2: Come see 2 of Boston’s Finest Improv Groups: Flaming Awesome and 185 Jokes


20:00—pika—Pika invites you to: Watch Tomb Raider with us. Guns + Angelina Jolie + an Indiana-Jones-esque story = an excellent bad movie. Come hang out with power-tool-using, good-food-loving pikans at their house full of Special Features!;

20:00—Epsilon Theta—Dante’s Divine Party - What’s so bad (or good) about the seven deadly sins? Come find out. ET parties are friendly, always dry, and it’s never too loud to have a conversation. You can meet our Big Silver Van at 77 Mass. Ave at 7:55 PM.

20:00—Phi Delta Theta—Phi Delt Fondue: Everything is better with chocolate. Come enjoy chocolate dipped fruit, cookies, and whatever else we can think of (or you can bring) in our elegant, early 20th century library.

20:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Jam Night: Love music? Jam with our brothers, including PKT alum and local pop sensation Chris Vu, or just come to listen!

20:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—Phi Sig Phest - MIT Movies: Join us for some movies about why we are proud to be at MIT.

20:00—Sigma Chi—Sox Game and Video Games: Come watch the sox on our big screen HDTV or challenge a brother to guitar hero

20:00—Sigma Nu—Classic Video Game Tournament: Playing SNES for fun and for prizes

20:00—Sigma Phi Epsilon—SigEp Salsa Party: The beauty about knowing how to Salsa is that there are always women waiting for men to ask them to the dance floor. Learn to Salsa, meet people, and dance the night away. Free Salsa lessons start at 8pm!

20:00—Theta Chi—Cartoons on the Roof: See what a projector can do on the roof... South Park, The Simpsons, Family Guy and Futurama all several stories high.

20:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Casino Night: Casino games, prizes, and more! Your hold-em skills could win you a Nintendo Wii!

20:00—Zeta Psi—21st Annual Car Bash: Got those pre-class jitters? Take out your back-to-school frustrations the best way we know how, by destroying a car with a sledge hammer. Stress relief never felt so good.

20:30—Kappa Sigma—Rooftop Pool Party Luau: You bring your bathing suit and we’ll bring the Slip ‘N Slide (don’t worry we’ll check for rocks), pool, and Mike’s Pastry. Relax and cap off the first day of Rush with our amazing roof-deck view of Boston, music, and water-related fun.

20:30—Theta Delta Chi—Salsa Lessons: Learn how to impress women as if you were a lusty Latino.  If you already are, come and show off for the ladies.


21:00—Alpha Epsilon Phi—Triple Talent Tournament: Table tennis, Billiards, Foosball - Win a Nintendo Wii (at the house)

21:00—Alpha Tau Omega—Beach Party 2007: Yes we know the beachs in Boston are nothing to write home about, but that doesn’t mean we can’t party like we’re on spring break. Come join the brothers of ATO for a wild beach party with the best mix of hip hop and reggaeton.

21:00—Chi Phi—Chi Phi Party: PARTY. Chi Phi. Nothing else needs to be said.

21:00—Delta Upsilon—Roofdeck Party: Start off rush with a great party at DU. Mingle with coeds from the greater Boston area, enjoy live music, and check out views of Boston and Cambridge from our roof deck.

21:00—Phi Kappa Sigma—Monster Party: Did you miss this popular event at CPW? Don’t worry, you haven’t missed out on all the fun. Come join us for a very long night, and get a taste of what you will be doing/drinking for the next four years

21:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Ooblek!: What would you do with 85 lbs of Non-Newtonian fluid?


22:00—Beta Theta Pi—Annex House Party : What’s that you say? One house is not awesome enough for you? Then let’s go across the street to the basement of our other one for a sick concert and party in our revamped stage room. Past bands to play on our stage have been RCA recording artists Damone and 2005 Warped Tour’s Animal Suit Driveby. This year’s band will be the best yet!

22:00—Lambda Chi Alpha—Jello Party: Watch as our 2nd floor is turned into a Jello Wrestling Ring

22:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—PBE’s Roofdeck Party: ‘After Hours’: Party and dance with the girls from all around Boston: Wellesley, BU, Harvard, and of course MIT! Live DJs, free drinks, and a great view of the Boston Skyline! Our roof deck party is the biggest party of Rush for 3 years running.

22:00—Phi Delta Theta—Poker Tournament: One night of Texas Hold’em to start Rush right. Come win a X-Box 360, Bose headphones and other awesome prizes. Regardless of your playing ability, come shuffle up and deal at Phi Delta Theta – who knows, maybe your name will be at the top of the leaderboard…

22:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Ice Party: Kick off rush with a Party so HOT that we needed to break out the ice luges!

22:00—Theta Delta Chi—Disorientation: Partier harder tonight than you did through all of orientation…

22:00—Zeta Psi—House Tours and Ice Cream: Come take a tour of the newest, most modern house at MIT!

22:06—Delta Psi—Fluorescence: Mix black lights, glow in the dark drinks and music from our extensive collection of dance and international albums to make a real No6-style party.


23:00—Theta Xi—Infinite Dessert Tray: Taste our brothers’ finest treats as they serve up delicious desserts, pastries, and other assorted treats.

23:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Lazor Light Show: 22.22 surround sound!: Check out the world-famous light show built by tEps to be enjoyed by all humanity

23:59—Alpha Delta Phi—Underground Capture the Flag: An ADP tradition. Explore MIT’s labyrinth of tunnels while looking for the flag.

23:59—Kappa Sigma—Midnight Buffet: Not thinking about calling it a night were you? Drop by the Kappa Sig stoop instead for a late-night snack, some pick-up basketball, or that last match of fifa.

Sunday, September 2, 2007


00:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—IHOP After-Party Meal: Hungry after a night of partying? We’re sending cars at 1AM and 1:30 AM to go to IHOP with Brothers and Rush Girls

00:00—Theta Chi—Midnight Snack: Show up around 11 p.m. if you want to join in the cooking festivities, else we’ll be feasting on finger foods at midnight as we always do.

00:00—Theta Delta Chi—Poker Tourney @ TDC: Enjoy some no-stakes Texas Hold ‘Em where the winner goes home with an iPod Nano.  Not into card games?  We’ve got a few 360’s, air hockey, billiards, and a computer cluster for online (no screen watching) gaming.


01:00—Theta Xi—Adult Swim: Dive into the Theta Xi pool of episodes from all your favorite animated shows: Family Guy, Futurama, South Park, Robot Chicken, and more.


08:00—Nu Delta—Breakfast


09:00—Chi Phi—All You Can Eat Breakfast at the Mansion: Get ready for the day with all you can eat bacon, eggs, sausage, waffles, and every other breakfast food imaginable.

09:00—Phi Delta Theta—Breakfast at the House: Start off the day with a made-to-order breakfast cooked by the brothers.

09:00—Phi Kappa Sigma—Breakfast with Skulls: Already had Anna’s for every meal since you got to campus? Come to Skullhouse for a real morning smorgasbord, including: pancakes, eggs, bacon, cereal, donuts, toast, and waffles.

09:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Hearty Breakfast: Eat right with pancakes, waffles, eggs, sausage, and bacon!

09:00—Sigma Nu—Breakfast: Breakfast at the house

09:00—Theta Chi—Paintball: It’s better that you take out some anger now…before classes start.  Start rush by joining us and our rush girls for some good old fashioned combat. Call 214-906-7217 if you need a ride to our house.

09:30—Beta Theta Pi—Beta Breakfast : Pancakes, omelets, cereal, fruit. Better eat up and get your strength for F1 Racing. It’s in a couple hours!

09:30—Nu Delta—Paintball: You think you have what it takes to outmaneuver, outscheme, and outshoot the Brothers of Nu Delta? Join us for a little old fashioned gunplay as we demonstrate the art of combat.


10:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—Fraternal House of Pancakes: Enjoy breakfast made with love by real Phi Sigs before heading off to paintball.

10:00—Pi Lambda Phi—Paintball: Like camping in the bushes to surprise your prey? Like being splattered with paint? Then come grab a barrel of paintballs and join the brothers of Pi Lam as we rage war against each other.

10:00—Sigma Nu—Paintball: Paintball and lunch and P&L Paintball in Bridgewater

10:00—Theta Delta Chi—TDC Breakfast: Fresh out of the TDC kitchen:  scrambled eggs, sauage, and French toast

10:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Build Your Own Potato Cannon: Build your own 6-foot potato gun and practice launching some spuds in our basement target range.

10:00—Zeta Psi—Brunch: Start your Sunday morning right with a delicious brunch at Zeta Psi.

10:06—Delta Psi—Le petit déjeuner : Come eat a French breakfast us. Pain au chocolat - enough said.

10:30—Phi Sigma Kappa—Paint Ball: Here’s your chance to go paintballing. It’ll be sure to give you something more exciting to call home about than your physics homework. No experience necessary.

10:30—Sigma Phi Epsilon—Boston Food Tour: What’s there to eat when you’ve exhausted all the food in Lobdell? Come explore the neighborhood and discover the best food in town.


11:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Paintball: Think you have mad sniping skills? Come find out.

11:00—Alpha Epsilon Phi—Cold War Paintball: Whether you are red - or red, white, and blue - the paint is definitely going to fly. Funny hats included. (meet at the house)

11:00—Alpha Tau Omega—Sunday Morning Brunch at ATO: Did you have a long night last night? Then come join the brothers of ATO for their famous brunch buffet prepared by their gourmet chef.

11:00—Chi Phi—Paintball with Chi Phi: Enjoy one of the most popular rush events before it’s too late. Capture the flag, storm the castle, or any other gaming style of your choice! We’ll provide the gear, transportation, food, and even spare clothing- you just bring your A-game.

11:00—Delta Upsilon—Rock Climbing: Take a short trip to enjoy some of the best bouldering in the North East with DU. No experience required, we’ll show you everything you need to know.

11:00—Lambda Chi Alpha—Paintball Trip: Join the brothers of LCA for some Paintball fun including a East Coast v. West Coast showdown

11:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Beach & Lobster Get Away: An all day beach get away in beautiful Nahant, MA. Enjoy beachside grilled lobstersports, swimming, and all around fun. Vans will be running back and forth all day. Call for details!

11:00—Theta Xi—Theta Xi Brunch and House Tours: Stop by for a hearty brunch of pancakes, French toast, sausage, bacon, eggs, and more. Stick around to take a tour of our beautiful Boston brownstone house.

11:00—Zeta Psi—Paintball: Get off campus, meet new people, and shoot them. Trust us, it’s worth the trip.

11:06—Delta Psi—Beach Trip : Hang out with Sixers for fun in the sun, as we travel to one of New England’s best beaches. Bring your beach gear! In case of rain, check out our (indoor) plans at

11:30—Beta Theta Pi—F1 Racing: As if rush wasn’t moving fast enough for you already, it’s time for F1 Boston Go Kart Racing. We signed up early and reserved the biggest and best track in Boston for your racing pleasure. Meet at the house.

11:30—Kappa Sigma—P&L Paintball: Part One of our epic Sunday- Paintball! More fun than water guns and less painful than real bullets. Come join us for this Rush classic at P&L Paintball. Forget those barrels and barriers, we’ll be battling it out through buildings and forest.

11:30—Phi Beta Epsilon—Sports & BBQ at Kresge Pits: Play some Ultimate Frisbee, Flag Football, and Baseball, and grab lunch with the Brothers, provided by our gourmet House Chef, Beverly Collet

11:30—Sigma Chi—Lunch: Grab lunch at Sigma Chi before paintballing

11:30—Sigma Chi—Paintballing: Join the brothers of Sigma Chi for an exciting afternoon of paintballing


12:00—pika—Pika invites you to: Brunch at noon. Come to our house, eat at our house, play on our treehouse that even gets wireless! Frisbee afterward. Come hang out with power-tool-using, good-food-loving pikans at their house full of Special Features!;

12:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Lunch

12:00—Delta Kappa Epsilon—Beach Trip

12:00—Phi Delta Theta—Picnic at Wellesley: Come with the brothers on your first trip to Wellesley! Meet our friends at MIT’s sister-school as we cook up some food. Be sure to bring a swimsuit to enjoy some slip-n-slide fun!

12:00—Phi Kappa Sigma—Formula 1 Racing: Come try to show up the brothers of Skullhouse with your F1 racing skills. Don’t get left in the dust – suit up, hop in a car, and race to the death against your new classmates and the brothers of Phi Kappa Sigma.

12:00—Theta Delta Chi—Paintball: We wanted to go shoot some guns at a firing range, but this was the next best thing…

12:30—Epsilon Theta—Lunch - Awake? Come over for lunch. At ET, we have 7 meals a week cooked by Karen, each with a vegetarian option. Sitting down to meals together is a great break from classwork. You can catch our Big Silver Van at 77 Mass Ave. at 12:15 p.m.


13:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—Bowling: If you missed paintball, keep your shirt clean at the bowling lanes and be back in time for the BBQ.

13:00—Theta Delta Chi—MFA Trip: Let’s explore the finer side of Boston at the Museum of Fine Arts, one of the Northeast’s best galleries.

13:00—Theta Xi—Rock Climbing: Come with us for an afternoon of adventurous rock climbing at MetroRock Boston. Learn how to scale professional rock walls, then test your skills and experience the thrill of scaling indoor walls up to 45 feet high. All skill levels welcome, no previous rock-climbing experience necessary.

13:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Canoeing on The Charles River: Enjoy a scenic canoeing trip on the western part of the Charles River, along with a picnic featuring 12-foot subs.

13:00—Zeta Psi—Boston Common Trip: Join Zetes as we make a trip into Boston and hang out at the Commons, the oasis of the city. Throw a disc around, or just chill out and enjoy Boston in September!

13:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Waffles and LN2 Ice Cream: The breakfast of people who don’t eat breakfast until after lunchtime.

13:30—Phi Beta Epsilon—Paintball: US ARMY Style: US Army 2nd Lt., Brother Allan Reyes will give an army tactical briefing followed by several hours of army style paintball


14:00—Epsilon Theta—Chainmail - Come learn how to arrow-proof yourselves and loved ones! Our Big Silver Van picks up at 77 Mass Ave. at 1:30 p.m.

14:00—Fenway House—Tarantino Teatime: Come catch up on Quentin’s bloody ultraviolent pre-Grindhouse cinema over some lovely tea and scones. Starting with Jackie Brown and Reservoir Dogs and ending when we all get tired and pass out.

14:00—Delta Tau Delta—Paintball: Blow off some steam before the party later tonight by shooting your friends…at one of Boston’s premier paintball facilities. Expect to have what could be the time of your life.

14:00—Pi Lambda Phi—In House Gaming: Put our 56” 1080p HDTV to its limit playing XBOX 360 and PS3!

14:30—Alpha Tau Omega—F1 Racing with ATO: Come storm the tracks like Ricky Bobby and tear through the F1 racing course with the brothers of ATO. Although none of us can claim Will Ferrell’s good looks, we can certainly race like its Talladega Nights.


15:00—Theta Delta Chi—Museum of Science Trip: This is great place to remind you exactly why on earth you’re subjecting yourself to an MIT education. Maybe one of your endeavors will end up in here one day.

15:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Karate in the Mall: Learn how to protect yourself against attacking power-walking shoppers!

15:30—Theta Chi—Rock Climbing: Whether you can climb or not, join us at Metro Rock and experience state-of-the-art indoor climbing and bouldering.  Call 214-906-7217 if you need a ride to our house.


16:00—Chi Phi—Chi Phi Luau: Come to Chi Phi and enjoy a whole pig, roasted slowly to juicy perfection. Afterwards, relax away the food coma under the warm glow of tiki torches. Also featuring all sorts of BBQ food, tropical smoothies, chill music, grass skirts, and coconut bras.

16:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Huge Fingerpainting: Relive your childhood! Wow…your childhood was big.


17:00—WILG—BBQ with ADP -- drop by for some good food and a good time.

17:00—Alpha Delta Phi—BBQ with WILG: Come enjoy a great barbeque with the ADP brothers and the women of WILG on our shared patio.

17:00—Nu Delta—F1 Racing: If you ever wondered what it’d be like to put a nitro boost on a go-cart, this is the event for you. Come and burn some rubber with Nu Delta’s champions of the racetrack.

17:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Masters of Rock Challenge: Do you love rocking out? Or at least pretending to rock out? Come and challenge our resident Guitar Heroes and win prizes like gift certificates to Best Buy (so you can save up and buy Guitar Hero III and Rock Band).

17:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Steak Dinner: Enjoy an amazing steak dinner with all the classic sides like mash potatoes and more.

17:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—BBQ: A long day of paintball and bowling builds an appetite. Stop by the grill for a bite to eat and swap stories.


18:00—Epsilon Theta—BBQ Dinner - Fire, meat, vegetables, and marshmallows. We’re making shish-kebabs tonight, come join us! You can catch our Big Silver Van at 77 Mass Ave. at 4:15 p.m. or 5:15 p.m.

18:00—Alpha Epsilon Phi—Italian Dinner: ...absolutely mouth-watering... the pinnacle of culinary genius… (at the house)

18:00—Delta Upsilon—Dinner at DU: Come over and enjoy a dinner cooked by our very own celebrity chef at Delta Upsilon. Stick around later for Bowling.

18:00—Kappa Sigma—Caribbean Dinner: Stop by for an early dinner catered by Bon Appetit, one of Boston’s finest Caribbean restaurants, before we head out for F1 Boston Go Karts.

18:00—Phi Kappa Sigma—Gerry’s World Famous Fried Chicken: Join us tonight for spectacular dining as our house chef Gerry prepares his delicious fried chicken and mashed potatoes. This is no ordinary dinner, come and check it our for yourself. Dinner with the skulls is something you never want to miss out on.

18:00—Pi Lambda Phi—Dinner: Dinner at Pi Lam

18:00—Sigma Nu—Vinny T’s: Dinner out at Vinny T’s in the Back Bay

18:00—Theta Chi—Italian Dinner: Relax your last night of freedom and enjoy a homemade Italian dinner. Call 214-906-7217 if you need a ride to our house.

18:00—Theta Delta Chi—Dinner @ TDC: Join us for dinner prepared by our new chef as we talk about a variety of subjects.  Past dinner subjects have included: 

18:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Dinner: Italian Buffet: Don’t get wacked while you pig out on all the lasagna, chicken parmesan, Italian sausage, garlic bread and pasta you can eat.

18:15—Alpha Delta Phi—F1 Go Kart Racing: Speed down the track at Boston’s premier go kart track. Bananas and Koopa Shells not required.

18:15—pika—Pika invites you to: Devour an excellent Indian dinner with the pikans. Go to 69 Chestnut St. in Cambridge and enjoy the culinary delight! Come hang out with power-tool-using, good-food-loving pikans at their house full of Special Features!;

18:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Hair-dying and tye-dying: It’s exactly what your mother told you not to do at college.

18:30—Beta Theta Pi—Surfing and Turfing: Boring ol’ fraternities serve boring ol’ steak and boring ol’ lobster. But this is Beta. Our lobster is stuffed with delicious scallop, crab, and… more lobster! Top that off with a black angus sirloin steak. It’s making your mouth water just thinking about it.

18:30—Sigma Chi—Dinner in Boston: Hot dog eating contest at Spikes or dinner in China Town

18:30—Zeta Psi—House Dinner: Ribs: Red Bones versus Blue Ribbon!


19:00—Alpha Tau Omega—Dinner at ATO: Come join the brothers of ATO for dinner prepared by their gourmet chef.

19:00—Delta Upsilon—Boston Bowl: Come relax and hang out with the brothers of Delta Upsilon for a great night of bowling and playing games in the arcade at Boston Bowl.

19:00—Kappa Sigma—F1 Boston Go Karts: Part Two of our epic Sunday- Go Karts! Come tear it up with all of our Course 2 gearheads at the fastest go kart track in Boston. No Rush experience is complete without a little go karting, and why settle for anything less than the best?

19:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Dick’s Last Resort: Join us for awesome meal at the infamous Dick’s Last Resort restaurant

19:00—Phi Delta Theta—Steak and Lobster Dinner: Join us in this delicious Rush tradition. Celebrate the start of the week with an amazing Steak and Lobster dinner prepared by Chef John.

19:00—pika—Pika invites you to: SPACE RACE! Build Lego launch devices to send your astronauts to the moon and shape history. Come hang out with power-tool-using, good-food-loving pikans at their house full of Special Features!;

19:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Sushi: Mmm raw fish…@ tEp.

19:30—Phi Kappa Sigma—Nationally Acclaimed Comedian Paul Nardizzi: He’s been on Comedy Central, Conan O’Brien, has won the 2001 Boston Comedy Festival, and now you can see him in person at PKS. Beware, this show is not for the faint of heart. If you are easily offended, this event may not be for you. Join us for an evening of laughter with comedian Paul Nardizzi

19:30—Theta Xi—Theta Xi Dinner: Theta Xi boasts one of Boston’s finest gourmet chefs. Come see for yourself as Chef D prepares some of our favorites.


20:00—Chi Phi—Entertainment Night at the Mansion: Show off your black-jack skills or learn the exciting game of craps. Enter the poker tournament and play with the pros for a chance to win an iPod nano and other awesome prizes. No prior gaming experience required!

20:00—Delta Kappa Epsilon—”300”

20:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Poker Tournament: Prove all poker you played in high school paid off by competing in our free poker tournament. Prizes include a Wii, iPods, and more! Space limited so call and reserve a spot!

20:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—Boston Comedy: Take a trip with us to a local club and check out Boston’s comedy scene.

20:00—Pi Lambda Phi—Poker Tournament: Think you know when to bluff or when to fold? Then enter our poker tournament with great prizes like an iPod. Even if you don’t know how, come and learn from experienced brothers.

20:00—Sigma Chi—Stoop Session: Hang out and do nothing with us on our stoop

20:00—Sigma Nu—Scavenger Hunt: A picture scavenger hunt or puzzle hunt through Boston near Sigma Nu

20:00—Sigma Phi Epsilon—Karaoke/Open Mic Night: Come groove with the SigEp bros. Expect nothing short of primetime entertainment!

20:00—Theta Delta Chi—Bowling & Billards, a Night Tour, and Dessert at Mike’s: We’ll start off with some bowling and billiards, take a walking tour of Boston’s best night sights, and finish up at the North End’s famous sweet spot: Mike’s Pastries.

20:00—Zeta Beta Tau—ZBT Extreme Olympics: If you’ve got skills, we want to see them! ZBT Extreme Olympics will bring you the opportunity to get your game on any way that you see fit. From dodgeball in the Z center to foosball to Guitar Hero, come by for some food, fun, and a chance at some awesome prizes.

20:00—Epsilon Theta—Improv - Be spontaneous! Join us at ET for an assortment of theater games and improvised sketches. You’d be surprised how quickly you can make up something hilarious. You can meet our Big Silver Van at 77 Mass. Ave at 7:55 PM.

20:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—USB DIY: Come make your own USB-powered anything!


21:00—Alpha Epsilon Phi—X-rated Hypnotist: Bound to be sketch-tasticaly awesome (at the house)

21:00—Phi Delta Theta—Chill at Jillian’s: Full from dinner? Meet at the House, then come with the brothers to Jillian’s to bowl, shoot some pool, watch sports, and just relax. And don’t worry, it’s only a few blocks from the house.

21:00—Phi Kappa Sigma—Smoothies Party: This is exactly what it sounds like, come and hang out with the brothers of Phi Kappa Sigma and tour one of the best houses on campus

21:00—Theta Chi—Get High-Lightered at Theta Chi : End the first full day of rush with a real black light party…high-lighters and t-shirts provided.

21:00—Theta Xi—B.A.S.H. (Bad-Ass Scavenger Hunt): Bring a camera and a friend, but leave your inhibitions behind. Compete for great prizes as you tour Boston on a wild mission to complete crazy tasks and retrieve zany items. Guaranteed to be a memorable part of your rush experience. Please arrive no later than 9:15.

21:00—Zeta Psi—Pub Night: Hang out with your friends in a laid-back atmosphere. Play some poker, throw some darts, enjoy other various pub-style games and much more.

21:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Cannoli Hunting: Join us on an epic quest for cannoli in the North End!

21:30—Beta Theta Pi—Classic Videogame Tournament : SSBMHALOMARIOKARTGUITARHEROWTF… Nah, been there. Done that. Back in my day, we didn’t have such things. We had Dr. Mario, and we had MegaMan, and whoever was the best got prizes…


22:00—Lambda Chi Alpha—Boston Billiards: Shoot some pool in our private VIP room at Boston’s premier billards hall

22:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Frat Hop: Join the Brothers of Phi Beta Epsilon and our Rush Girls as we take you to the best parties of the night starting conveniently on the MIT campus

22:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—Movies, Pastries, and a View: A classic part of Boston’s North End, Mike’s Pastries will be a nice addition to the view of the Boston skyline from our improvised movie theatre.

22:00—Epsilon Theta—Telephone Pictionary - Psst. What did you draw? Another ET game creation. Come over and doodle with us.

22:06—Delta Psi—Club No6 : Our house transforms into a lounge complete with hip music, international snacks, sheesha and drinks. Chill on our roof deck and 2nd floor to unwind.

22:30—Delta Tau Delta—Septemberfest Party: It’s not October, so its Septemberfest. From the house that brought you Goldfish, DJ Lex and Kaze spin at 10:30.


23:00—Theta Delta Chi—Wallball @ TDC: Remember this game?  Come play with us on the 2nd deck and make sure you aren’t on the receiving end from the firing squad.

23:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—USB powered Lazor Light Show!

23:59—Alpha Delta Phi—Midnight Ultimate Frisbee: Toss around glow in the dark frisbees on Briggs Field.

23:59—Kappa Sigma—Midnight Buffet: Not thinking about calling it a night were you? Drop by the Kappa Sig stoop instead for a late-night snack, some pick-up basketball, or that last match of fifa.

23:59—Phi Kappa Theta—Chinatown Run: Got the midnight munchies? Follow us to Boston’s famous China Town to visit some of the best in late night food! It’s on us of course!

23:59—Alpha Epsilon Phi—Belgian Waffle Sundaes at Midnight: To an MIT student, this is dinner time…

Monday, September 3, 2007


00:00—Theta Chi—Midnight Snack : See if you can manage to get some tasty midnight snack, with mozzarella sticks, bagel bites, wings, chicken dinos, chocolate milk and more its bound to go fast.


01:00—Theta Xi—Theta Xi Late Night: Still awake? Enjoy the comfort of the Theta Xi home theater. We’ve got a widescreen TV, over 200 movies, soda, and snacks that will keep you going through the night, or at least, until you fall asleep.

01:30—Beta Theta Pi—Chinatown Sushi Run : If you’re still pumped (and we know you are), head on down to Chinatown for some authentic, late-night sushi.


08:00—Nu Delta—Breakfast

08:15—Nu Delta—Nu Delta Feast: Thanksgiving is still three months away, but there’s plenty of reason to give thanks when there’s this much food. Come enjoy a holiday-sized meal at the Nu Delta brownstone. To the tables, everyone, and stuff yourselves.


09:00—Alpha Epsilon Phi—PANCAKE-fest!: Glucose! Score!

09:00—Beta Theta Pi—Beta Breakfast : Just like yesterday’s breakfast, only this time you’re eating to get strength for a day of fun in the sun at George’s Island.

09:00—Chi Phi—Chi Phi Waffle Breakfast: Wake up to delicious home-made waffles with all the toppings, served with the usual eggs, bacon, sausages, and cereal.

09:00—Phi Delta Theta—Breakfast at the House: Start off the day with a made-to-order breakfast cooked by the brothers.

09:00—Phi Kappa Sigma—Breakfast with Skulls: Already had Anna’s for every meal since you got to campus? Come to Skullhouse for a real morning smorgasbord, including: pancakes, eggs, bacon, cereal, donuts, toast, and waffles.

09:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Soul Food Breakfast: Start your day right with genuine soul food break fast! Biscuits and gravy and more!

09:00—Sigma Nu—Breakfast: Breakfast at the house

09:30—Nu Delta—Six Flags: Take a trip with Nu Delta to the king of amusement parks. Whether for the thrill of the rollercoasters or the laid-back vibe of the carousel, Six Flags has something for everybody.

09:30—Sigma Phi Epsilon—White Water Rafting: We’ll be off white water rafting on the Deerfield river. Need we say more? Spots are very limited, so find us before Monday if you’re interested!

09:30—Theta Chi—Canoeing: Why rush during rush?  Explore some of the local natural scenery and kick back. Call 214-906-7217 if you need a ride to our house.


10:00—Alpha Tau Omega—Kayaking Adventure : Come enjoy the sunshine and summertime weather on a kayaking adventure down the Concord river with the brothers of ATO.

10:00—Delta Kappa Epsilon—Roofdeck Party

10:00—Lambda Chi Alpha—Beach Trip: BBQ/Football/Volleyball

10:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Six Flags & Flash Passes: Spend the day with Brothers and Rush Girls at Six Flags. Cut the lines with our Flash Passes as we ride some of the best roller coasters and water slides in New England

10:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—Fraternal House of Pancakes: Enjoy breakfast made with love by real Phi Sigs before heading off to the beach.

10:00—Pi Lambda Phi—Crane Beach Trip: Need some time to relax before your first semester of classes begin? Then come to Crane Beach with the Pi Lam brothers and enjoy a day of fun in the sun, including games of Ultimate Frisbee.

10:00—Sigma Chi—Brunch: Grab some brunch before our annual beach trip

10:00—Sigma Nu—Six Flags New England: Trip to Six Flags in Western Mass for the day

10:00—Theta Delta Chi—TDC Breakfast: Fresh out of the TDC kitchen:  scrambled eggs, bacon, and pancakes

10:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Pickup Sports: Join us for a morning workout at our nearby basketball and tennis courts.

10:00—Zeta Psi—Six Flags: Turned down that Florida school for MIT? Come spend the day at New England’s best and largest theme park and feel better about your decision.

10:06—Delta Psi—El Desayuno : Come eat a Latin breakfast with us. Plantains - enough said.

10:30—Alpha Delta Phi—6 Flags New England: Come chill out at New England’s best amusment park.

10:30—Phi Sigma Kappa—Intercollegiate Beach Trip: We’re going to the beach, and we’re bringing some friends along. Take advantage of the summer sun before it’s too late and meet students from other local collages.

10:30—Sigma Chi—Beach Trip: Take a trip to the lake to enjoy beach sports, food, and kayaking


11:00—Alpha Epsilon Phi—Whirlyball: Wiffleballs and bumper cars. ‘nuff said. (meet at the house)

11:00—Beta Theta Pi—George’s Island : If you’ve never been to George’s Island, you’ve got to come with us and soak up the sun before school starts. We’ll use the island’s huge fields to play soccer and ultimate, or just relax and enjoy the fresh air. Oh, and feel free to bring your bathing suits, because we’re bringing our kiteboards.

11:00—Chi Phi—Jet-skiing on the Cape: Chill on the beach and catch a back-to-school tan, then race your friends on sweet jet-skis. Jet-skis, footballs, Frisbees, and food all provided! Guaranteed to be an unforgettable experience.

11:00—Delta Upsilon—Crane’s Beach: Relax, BBQ, and play some football with the brothers of Delta Upsilon at one of the best beaches in the North East. It’s going to start getting cold in a month, so enjoy the sun while you can!

11:00—Kappa Sigma—Cape Cod Beach Day: Enjoy one last day in the sun before the start of the term. Swimming, beach volleyball, and our personal favorite, burying Fournier. We’ll cap off the day with a beach-side BBQ and a trip into town. Oh and did we mention we’ll have a boat?

11:00—Theta Chi—Go Karts: There’s only one way to race…with F1 Go-Karts. Call 214-906-7217 if you need a ride, we’ll be leaving at several times throughout the morning.

11:00—Theta Delta Chi—Deck to Deck Battleship: Play some life-sized battleship by throwing some water balloons off the library roofdeck onto some brothers on the 2nd deck.

11:00—Zeta Psi—Island Excursion: After a busy weekend, come chill out on the beach for the day. Enjoy the sun, surf, and feeling of being miles away from MIT!

11:06—Delta Psi—Walden Pond : Join us on our annual trip to Walden Pond. Swim in the pond and enjoy a classic home-made picnic on the beach. Bring a bathing suit. In case of rain, check out our plans at


12:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Lunch

12:00—Delta Kappa Epsilon—Laser Tag

12:00—Phi Delta Theta—George’s Island: Get in one last day of summer at this beautiful Boston island, complete with shoreline, BBQ pits, revolutionary war fort, and scenic ferry ride. Enjoy the outdoors with the brothers of Phi Delta Theta. We’ll meet up at the House before heading out.

12:00—Phi Kappa Sigma—Outdoor Excursion with the Skulls: Looking for a short break from the city life? For a more exciting and adventurous day, come out with the brothers of Phi Kappa Sigma for a day of sports, games, and a barbecue in one of Massachusetts’ finest state parks.

12:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Sports on the Commons: Baseball, football, frisbee, and more in Boston’s beautiful Commons.

12:00—Theta Delta Chi—Beach Trip: Come unwind on our beach trip where we’ll be playing football, ultimate, soccer, and just plain relaxing with really cool people.  Soak up the sun now while you still can, because once school starts, so does the cold weather.

12:00—Fenway House—Fenway Lecture Series: Zombies. In the big city, your safety and survival may depend on our lectures! Movies, snacks, and zombie information all day.

12:30—Epsilon Theta—Lunch and Coolidge Corner Tours - Brookline has some of the nicest shops and restaurants around. Join us as we walk to nearby Coolidge Corner for a bite to eat and to browse some used book stores. You can meet our Big Silver Van at 77 Mass. Ave. at 12:15 p.m.


13:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—Rock Climbing: If you missed the beach trip, try your hand at bouldering, or even learn how to rock climb on an indoor rock wall. Classes start soon, so don’t miss out.

13:00—Theta Xi—Battle Canoes: Imitated by many, rivaled by none, Battle Canoes is a Theta Xi original. Bring a change of clothes and get ready to duel it out to stay dry on the Charles River. When the madness subsides, we’ll pause for a picnic lunch in the park.

13:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Paintball: Unleash your inner Rambo as you put your marksmanship and survival skills to the ultimate test on a forested outdoor range.

13:00—Zeta Psi—Cookout at Zeta Psi: We’ll be grilling right on Mass Ave. Bold, like our burgers.

13:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Dim Sum: Meet at tEp for a lazy Monday afternoon dim sum.

13:45—Epsilon Theta—Science Museum - Dinosaurs rock. Come along to Boston’s Science Museum with ET. Our Big Silver Van will pick people up at 77 Mass. Ave. at 1:30 p.m.


14:00—pika—Pika invites you to: Revere Beach – Enjoy the holiday afternoon outdoors, at the beach. Meet at pika, and depart at 2:00. Come hang out with power-tool-using, good-food-loving pikans at their house full of Special Features (and the beach)!;

14:00—Delta Tau Delta—Lobster Trip: Join the brothers of Delta Tau Delta as we take a relaxing cruise out to a private island in Boston Harbor. There you will find out how competitive Delts are as we play sports all over the island. A delicious Lobster bake follows, with some barbeque as well. Be prepared for the tradition that follows… (Invitation Only)

14:00—Phi Kappa Sigma—Boston Tours: Even after a few years of living in Boston, we still find tours we are excited to take. Come with us on a tour of the city you’ll be living in for the next four years and discover the hidden side of Boston.

14:00—Theta Xi—Fenway Park Tour: We’ll head across Kenmore Square to take a tour of legendary Fenway Park, home of Beckett, Big Papi, and the rest of the Boston Red Sox.


15:00—Pi Lambda Phi—Good Times Emporium: Enjoy endless games and other fun at one of the hottest arcardes around that will keep you busy for hours.

15:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—SET and Go tournaments: Are you ready to play?


16:00—Theta Delta Chi—Asian Cuisine @ TDC: Indian?  Chinese?  Sushi?  Enjoy some variety in your dinner

16:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Ask the tEpspoerts!: Q&A about the latest tEp projects including the propeller car, stickbot, and Squid OS.


17:00—Phi Kappa Sigma—Dine and Dance on the Atlantic: This won’t be any ordinary boat cruise: join your fellow classmates and the brothers of Phi Kappa Sigma for an exciting evening party on a boat in Boston Harbor with dinner, live music, and dancing.

17:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—Steak and Lobster: This dinner is more than just a chance to get to know a few good brothers, or for them to get to know you; it’s also a chance to stuff yourself with steak and lobster. Don’t miss out.

17:00—Theta Chi—Wellesley BBQ: Meet the lovely ladies of Wellesley while getting your Wellesley bearings early… Call 214-906-7217 if you need a ride to our house


18:00—Epsilon Theta—Dinner - Come join us at ET for a hamburger buffet with lemon bars for dessert. As always, with a vegetarian option. You can catch our Big Silver Van at 77 Mass Ave. at 4:15 or 5:15 p.m.

18:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Chef Bobby Mac’s Famous London Broil and Potatoes: The fine cusine of our own personal chef, Bobby Mac.

18:00—Chi Phi—The Original Steak and Lobster Dinner: This might be your third one, but it’s still steak and lobster! As the oldest fraternity on campus, only we can call ours the original. With all the juicy steak and sumptuous lobster you can eat, you’re bound to leave happy.

18:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Thanksgiving Dinner: Miss some good ol’ homecooking? Let our chef Beverly treat you to her campus-renowned Thanksgiving dinner, 3 months early - an annual favorite that always packs the House.

18:00—Sigma Nu—Pizza Sampler: Pizza from all around Sigma Nu

18:00—Theta Delta Chi—Funway USA: Go Karts.  Mini-golf.  Bumper Boats.  Batting Cages.  No excuses – nothing beats being a kid again.

18:00—Theta Xi—Carne Asada: Mexican BBQ: Enjoy one of Theta Xi’s oldest (and tastiest) traditions: Mexican barbecue on a laid-back fall evening.

18:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Roofdeck BBQ: We’ll be firing up our grill and serving all the hotdogs and hamburgers you can eat on our spacious roofdeck.

18:06—Delta Psi—International Supper : Feast on great food from all over the world! Featuring cuisines from Asia, South America, Africa and more.

18:15—pika—Pika invites you to: Dinner! Come to the central social event at our house. Dinner will be themed by culture, color, or method of cooking. Come hang out with power-tool-using, good-food-loving pikans at their house full of Special Features!;

18:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—Mexican Delight!: Come taste the Mexican cuisine of our master chefs, Señor Guerra and Señor Darwin.

18:30—Beta Theta Pi—Fire + Ice: When you add fire to ice, who knows what’s going to happen? Nobody does. But since this is one of the hottest/coolest restaurants in Boston, it doesn’t really matter. It’s delicious. It’s all you can eat. That’s what matters. Meet at the house or call for a ride.

18:30—Delta Upsilon—Steak Dinner: Enjoy great steak, cooked by our very own chef, and get to know some of the brothers of Delta Upsilon.

18:30—Sigma Chi—Dinner in Boston: Enjoy some unique Boston eateries you may never experience again

18:30—Zeta Psi—House Dinner: Enjoy some fine dining prepared by our presitgious local alumni.


19:00—Alpha Epsilon Phi—Dinner - Rami’s take-out: Falafel, Schwarma, and Hummus — feel the (heart) burn

19:00—Alpha Tau Omega—Dinner at ATO: Come join the brothers of ATO for dinner prepared by their gourmet chef.

19:00—Lambda Chi Alpha—Steak & Lobster Dinner: Top of the line gourmet steak and lobster cooked by Boston’s Best

19:00—Phi Delta Theta—Korean BBQ: Treat yourself to an ethnic treat as the brothers serve up delicious Korean beef.

19:00—Phi Kappa Theta—Roofdeck BBQ: There’s nothing better than a BBQ and a view on our amazing new roofdeck.

19:00—Pi Lambda Phi—Dinner: Dinner at Pi Lam

19:22—Tau Epsilon Phi—The Lie-Off.: An annual tEp tradition. You won’t want to miss this.


20:00—Alpha Delta Phi—Staples/Home Depot Run: Want to redecorate your room or forgot school supplies. We can take you where you need to go.

20:00—Delta Kappa Epsilon—Steak & Lobster Dinner

20:00—Phi Beta Epsilon—Dessert on the Town: Enjoy a relaxing evening at Coldstone and JP Licks with our Rush Girls

20:00—Phi Sigma Kappa—Cold stone on the roof: Make your own delicacy using any of a dozen ingredients, or enjoy some Mud Pie Mojo with good company and the view of the Boston skyline.

20:00—Sigma Nu—Comedy Connection: Amateur Night at the Comedy Connection

20:00—Zeta Beta Tau—Pool at Jillians: Join us at one of Boston’s hottest night spots for wings, nachos, and billiards right next to Fenway Park.

20:06—Delta Psi—Music & Games Night : Try your hand at poker or rock out with Sixers on the 2nd floor.

20:15—Epsilon Theta—Stargazing