News Briefs

Daytime Boston Shuttle Service Finds Funding

The Daytime Boston Shuttle, which runs from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on weekdays from September to May, has received sufficient funding for the coming school year, according to Dean for Student Life Larry G. Benedict.

The Tech reported the shuttle’s funding problems in May. According to Benedict, the issues were resolved in June.

According to Benedict, the extra funding for the shuttles came through with the contributions of Treasurer Theresa M. Stone ’SM 76 and Chancellor Phillip L. Clay PhD ’75. Along with Benedict’s contribution, funding is sufficient to cover the entire school year.

A private donor, one of the two major sources for the shuttle’s funding, halted donations at the end of the last school year. This private donor covered about half of the operation’s costs. The other major source of funding was Benedict, who contributed roughly $40,000 last academic year.

Concerning the stability of the current funding options, Benedict wrote in an e-mail that “while we still need to revisit this issue later this year, I believe this shuttle will continue into the future since it provides a very important service to our students.”

“It also is a matter of safety as our students travel back and forth to Boston,” Benedict said in the e-mail.

When the possibility of stopping the Daytime Boston Shuttles was announced last Spring due to funding issues, the Undergraduate Association called for action by passing a resolution regarding the UA’s strong intentions to bring back the shuttle services. The bill was signed by 35 student leaders, including members of the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Association, as well as members of fraternities, sororities, and independent living groups.

“The resolution that the UA passed last spring was very helpful in making the case for a permanent shuttle,” Benedict said.