Where Can Students Buy New or Used Textbooks?

Business Location New? Used? Notes
MIT Coop Kendall Square Yes Check early The official store for MIT textbooks; offers a small rebate for Coop members
Quantum Books 4 Cambridge Center (near Kendall Square) Yes Yes Mostly math and technical books, prices comparable to the Coop’s after rebate, prices listed online at
Alpha Phi Omega Book Exchange APO Office (W20-415) and various No Yes Usually takes place during the first week of fall and spring terms; for dates and locations, see the APO Web site:
MIT412 No Yes An MIT used book exchange
CampusBeacon No Yes An MIT used book exchange
BookX No Yes Uses MIT certificates
Bigwords Yes Yes Compares prices at multiple sites Yes Yes Online shopping for textbooks and other exciting items! No Yes Requires eBay ID and password