Campus Life

Dining Out

A Guide to Local Restaurants

I know you’re in awe of LaVerde’s beverage selection right now, and you probably will be for another few months. But once you’ve grown tired of that lingonberry soda and tomato egg salad sandwich (both of which I consumed almost every day of my first semester), you’ll realize that you can’t rely on LaVerde’s for all of your meals. And even if you can and do cook, you’re sure to crave a restaurant-cooked meal someday soon. When that day comes, pick up this guide, find a friend, and eat out!

If you’re craving ETHNIC


16 Tyler St., Boston

Try the Japanese specialty of shabu-shabu and look forward to the fun of cooking your own meats, mushrooms, and vegetables at your seat.

China Pearl

9 Tyler St., Boston

A popular destination for weekend dim sum, the pork sticky buns here are a favorite of many MIT students.

India Quality

484 Commonwealth Ave., Boston

Go here for incredibly friendly service, food that induces cravings, and choices that will satisfy even the non-adventurous eater.


154 Prospect St., Cambridge

Koreana’s kimchi is the tastiest I have ever had. The entrees here are just plain wonderful and will make you a fan of Korean food, even if you have never tried it before.


83 Main St., Charlestown

Sink back into the plush velvet seats at this Moroccan spot and set your teeth into one of the gorgeous entrees. Finish your meal with the Moroccan tea, a sweetened mint variety.


268 Newbury St., Boston

A smart choice if you’re looking for trendy tapas. Bring several friends in order to maximize the number of the small Spanish dishes you get to try.

If you’re feeling FANCY


92 Winthrop St., Cambridge

Fairly new, Om has already garnered much attention for its inventive fusion tastes and elaborate décor. You’ll be eager to regale your friends with details of your entrée.

Top of the Hub

800 Boylston St., Boston

Book a reservation to celebrate a special occasion, splurge on the tasting menu, and look out over Boston.

Petit Robert Bistro

468 Commonwealth Ave., Boston

or 480 Columbus Ave., Boston

Serves up traditional French fare, including Duck Confit. The subterranean dining room at the Commonwealth Avenue location provides the dusky lighting perfect for a romantic date.

Any restaurant in the North End

If you’re in the area, the smell of fresh-cooked pasta and creamy sauces will tempt you into a restaurant. Everyone has their favorite place in the North End, so try a few before you settle on one.

If you’re BROKE


907 Boylston St., Boston

Head over here on a Saturday night to eat half-priced burgers in the company of a raucous crowd.

Thailand Café

302 Massachusetts Ave., Cambridge

Comfortingly close to campus, satisfy your craving for greasy Thai food quickly and guiltlessly, thanks to low prices.

Sunny’s Diner

7 Landsdowne St., Cambridge

Mere steps from the classroom is this little eatery, where you’ll be greeted with a smile and a buttery breakfast or quick sandwich.

New Saigon Sandwich

696 Washington St., Boston

Crusty bread plus flavorful veggies and meat make up these amazing Vietnamese sandwiches, but you’ll only pay a fraction of what you’d pay at Subway.

If you just want the FAMILIAR

Pizzeria Regina

Several locations in Boston area

Stop in here for quick cheese pizza that tastes exactly like you want it to — greasy and perfectly chewy.

Emma’s Pizza

40 Hampshire St., Cambridge

If you think potatoes, bacon, cranberries, and artichoke hearts would be a good mix of toppings, you’ve found your pizza joint.

Spike’s Junkyard Dogs

1076 Boylston St., Boston

Hot dogs and burgers, cheap and filling.