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Comfort Is in the Air

Comfort Is in the Air

While freshmen and first-year graduate students are likely being comforted by Orientation leaders and various MIT administrators, mother nature is providing comfort in her own way. Not only was it hot on Saturday, where Boston tied the all-time record high temperature of 96°F, it was also humid. Generally, dew point readings above 60°F is considered humid and over 70°F is oppressive. We topped off at 74°F Saturday afternoon, a reading normally observed near the Gulf of Mexico. Is it always this humid in Boston? According to the National Climatic Data Center, the average dew point reading in Boston is 62°F for August and a much drier 55°F for September.

While many may still find today’s air slightly sticky, compared to this weekend, most can expect much more comfortable air for the rest of the week with dew point readings near 60°F. Any outdoor activities should remain rain-free and with Tuesday being even more sunny than today, it is likely the pick of the week. In the meantime, get comfortable at MIT and enjoy the nice stretch of weather.

Extended Forecast

Tonight: Mostly clear with lows in the upper 50°F (15°C).

Tomorrow: Sunny. Highs near 80°F (26°C).

Wednesday: Mostly sunny. Slightly more humid. Highs in the mid 80s°F (29°C).