Frosh Explore Dormitories, Participate in REX Events

Residence Exploration events, designed for incoming freshmen to explore the 11 undergraduate dormitories, will continue until the end of the Housing Adjustment Lottery tomorrow. Events for REX began Friday, Aug. 24.

According to Dormitory Council REX Chair Preeya S. Phadnis ’09, all dormitories will “hold events that showcase their dorm culture and provide opportunities for the freshmen to learn more about the dorms.” Freshmen may enter the Adjustment Lottery until tomorrow evening at 6:30 p.m. Specific room assignments are determined Wednesday at each dormitory, and freshmen move into their new resident Thursday.

Although the events are not significantly different from those of previous years, West Campus parties for this year’s REX involve different combinations of dorms, Phadnis said. The Sunday evening “West Side Bash” includes Baker House, Burton-Conner House, and McCormick Hall, while the Monday evening “Briggs Field Fluorescent Block Party” includes MacGregor House, New House, Next House, and Simmons Hall.

Phadnis also added that MIT Dining has catered food for nearly all of the dormitories for the Aug. 26 Dinners@Dorms event, even though dining halls will not officially be open.

DormCon faced a number of challenges in planning this year’s REX, which included securing public space for REX activities and distributing REX event schedules to freshmen, said DormCon President Sarah C. Hopp ’08.

Specifically, DormCon, the Panhellenic Association, and the Interfraternity Council spent time drafting a REX/Recruitment Agreement, which encourages freshmen to explore all facets of MIT’s living groups, according to Hopp.

“This agreement says dorms can only have ‘free-flowing’ events during the first few days of FSILG recruitment to host parties before the first day of classes,” Hopp said. Free-flowing events must be designed so that freshmen can leave any dorm-sponsored event as they please, according to the agreement.

Because sorority recruitment will occur in the fall this year, DormCon and Panhel made sure that REX and Panhel events would not overlap, according to Hopp.

Hopp said she hopes freshmen will receive REX brochures at future Orientation check-ins to increase attendance at smaller-scale dorm events that occur early in Orientation. These events are “often incredibly important for freshmen to get a feel for a dorm so they can make an informed housing decision,” she said. Additionally, she said she would like to increase the duration of REX to allow more time for freshmen to explore dorms.