Newly Elected Members of the MIT Corporation

The MIT Corporation elected the above members at its quarterly meeting on Friday, June 8. All memberships are effective beginning July 1. From then, the Corporation will consist of 70 members, 20 of which are life members and eight of which are ex officio. An additional 34 individuals are life members emeritus, who can participate in meetings but do not having voting privileges.

O. Reid Ashe Jr. 5 years — SB ’71 Chief Operating Officer, Media General Member of Technology Review board of directors; Class of 1971 reunion gift committees Carly S. Fiorina 5 years 2004–present MS ’89 Former CEO, Hewlett-Packard Visiting committees for Libraries and Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences; member of Corporation Membership Committee Norman E. Gaut Life member 1997–present MS ’64, PhD ’67 Chair, Semaco Visiting committees for Civil and Environmental Engineering, Nuclear Science and Engineering, Whitaker College, and Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences; member of Audit Committee since 2000; active with MIT Venture Mentorship Service Harbo Peter Jensen 1 year* 1999–2004 PhD ’74 Vice President, ChevronTexaco Global Technologies Services Company Visiting committees for the Biological Engineering division and Materials Science and Engineering John W. Jarve 5 years 1998–2003 SB ’78, SM ’78 Managing Director, Menlo Ventures Visiting committees for Dean of Undergraduate Education and Corporation Development Committee; director and past president of MIT Club of Northern California Abigail P. Johnson 18 months** — — President, Fidelity Employers Services Company L. Robert Johnson Life member 1996–present SB ’63 Managing Partner and Founder, Capital Partners Visiting committees for Biology, Physics, and Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences; member of Corporation Development Committee and Club of Southern California Frederick A. Middleton, Jr. 5 years — SB ’71 Managing Director and Founder, Sandering Ventures Member of Sigma Chi fraternity; visiting committee for Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences; member of Corporation Development Committee; advisory director for MIT Center for Cancer Research; active in establishing Center for Learning and Memory Raymond C. Kurzweil 5 years 2005–present SB ’70 Chair, CEO, Kurzweil Technologies Visiting committee for Biological Engineering division and Media Arts and Sciences Barun Singh 5 years — MS ’06 Owner, CEO, Thinkify LLC Opinion editor for The Tech Alan G. Spoon 5 years 2002–present SB ’73, SM ’73 Managing General Partner, Polaris Venture Partners LLC Visiting committees for Political Science and Dean of Student Life; member of Advisory Committee on Shareholder Responsibility, Dean’s Advisory Council for Sloan School, Alfred P. Sloan Management society, and Sloan Management Review Board Diana Chapman Walsh 5 years — — President, Wellesley College * ex officio for one year as president of the Association of Alumni and Alumnae of MIT (2007–08)

** to fill an unexpired term

Name Term Previous Membership MIT Degrees Job Notable MIT Activities
Source: MIT News Office